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We arrived a year ago to help this beautiful country of ours no longer Russian roulette. And we're not going to stop until we get it.

1 año juntos

Our country is Russian roulette. You bet, but you never know when the shot is going to come out. He's got something romantic, high-risk. It's not for cowards. You have to be very brave to bet on  Argentina .  But “the daring will conquer the world,”  said someone famous.

And we have been betting for 1 year

 We bet on helping to make a better country.  Thinking about the common good. And thinking of those millions of Argentines who, like you, get up every day to go to work. In the countryside, towns and cities. To make a big Argentina. To get away from Russian roulette. We're not going to tell you what a sacrifice is, a bet...

We're betting to show a country going. With its virtues and shortcomings. But big. A country with a future for all.  A possible future, which we all deserve . Not for us; but for our children and grandchildren.

Besides, we bet on showing our emotions. Because we're a country with blood. Very emotional. We bet on helping those emotions be channeled positively.

We're a group of people. Not even an SME.  We are proud to be Argentines.  We want to show the world the great country we are. Help them understand us. And to understand ourselves.

Today we turn one year

With pleasure. Proudly. We did a lot.  It is not easy to undertake in Argentina . In Argentina Russian roulette. The one we want to help leave behind.

We know that millions of people who want to live in Argentine soil are accompanied by millions of good people. We know you're one. That you're there. Helping us get this country forward. And we really thank you, so much company. Read us. Follow us. Here and in our networks. Send us material, sometimes private. Give us “like it.” Comment. Participate. Add up.

This is a place for you, but you collaborate a lot.

And that's how a country works. A place for everyone, where we all have to collaborate with everyone, to grow.

 It's been a year when we really wanted him . A lot of sacrifice. A lot of money. Effort. Discussions until late. And we still have things to improve. We know. But we're on our way.

Was it worth it? And of course! Anything to help get ahead is fine. And you're on that side. Participating. Growing us up. And this has a lot ahead of it. Much remains to be done.

We're happy. We knew the road was going to be difficult. We don't think so much though.  We're still a bit of sand of what we want to be.  But we're not going to go down to the effort or the desire. Because we're Argentines. Let's never flake. It's like that. Working people. Proud to be like that.  Proud to be Argentinean .

Publication Date: 26/05/2019

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