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Play and win, with “El Gran Argentino”

Are you a gamer? Do you like to test your knowledge? Introducing “El Gran Argentino”, the most fun game of
08 January, 2020

The most exciting and entertaining game of this summer has already started. Our game, “El Gran Argentino”. It is a trivia that will develop over several months. Every week there will be questions on a different topic. You can win weekly, monthly prizes and the “El Gran Argentino”award, a trip to the Fallsfor two people, with all expenses included.

The questions are funny, some misleading, others difficult about Argentina and Argentines. There will be shows, sports, gastronomy, tourism, music, national identity, customs, history, and several more, that will test the argentinity, memory and culture of the participants. Each correct answer adds points and earn the most points. It’s that easy!

Enter and participate from January 6 to March 27. Reading our website daily will give you more chances of winning, and will keep you updated. Each week there will be questions about a specific category that will test your knowledge. If you answer correctly, you can win incredible prizes. In addition, you participate for the monthly prizes and the grand jackpot.

I shared the results on your social networks, so that your contacts see how much you know about your country and your people. In addition, if you have more friends who play the trivia, you enter to participate for an extra prize.

Add as many participants as you want, without limits. The more participants you add, the more points you earn, equivalent to the higher chances of winning the extra prize. Be part of the community. Play and win fabulous prizes. It’s easy, fun and fast. This summer’s furor game!

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