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Mauricio Macri the puta that bore you

How long do we have to endure legislators to get themselves dirty?


We were one of the most educated and educated villages in the world. I don't exaggerate. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, our country was filled with public works and buildings designed by French and Italian architects, of the best. Even today there are large newspapers in all provinces. After Sarmiento's work, literacy scaled geometrically throughout our nation and thus we were among the most literate peoples in the world.

There was no cultural or educational crack. The private school was for donkeys children of millionaires, who did not take place in the public, which was free and of excellence. It was not so long ago.

From a couple of decades to today, we dropped all education rates. Teachers with misspelling and syntax; high school students who do not understand simple texts. An uneducated village is an easy village to dominate. I think it's a systematic plan; you can refute it to me (thought, not reality). But the point is, it's our fault, for voting and relying on those who brought us here again.

Let us assume that the current  President  and his imperiousness are to blame for all our evils. A little small, but thesis at last, some, and that has more propaganda than reality.

Can you seriously believe that from this apparent disaster we are going to get some gentlemen who insulted a President in a compound called “Honorable”? (See what irony: the Romans called it that because it was “ad honorem”; “for honor,” not for money.) Can we really eat again the pavada of thinking that turning Casa Rosada's courtyard into a football stand is equal? That somehow does that benefit the most needy?

How long do we have to bear legislators getting themselves dirty by bringing into the House trout deputies? Or taking posters to a session. They're laughing at our faces. Because we're still voting for them.

At what point can we think that someone who insults the presidential investiture only because of being in opposition campaign, is fit to mark our destiny, through the enactment of laws? That's how sensible are they when they present a project? When do they vote a law or stop voting? That's how illustrated are they? That's how cults? Prepared? Because they're supposed to be, to correctly mark our development. If they don't have a minimum of respect, can they demand us to respect them? That we respect their laws? From which place?

In the country of “everything is worth” in which we lived for a while too long, we have to realize once that is not the case. We're bouncing off like crashing autitos all the time. And we puteate, but our cart is handled by ourselves. We blame the other man. We don't think it, but we handle it.

Insultar speaks of the one who insults, as the President of the Nation said. And the vote talks about the one who votes.

Publication Date: 11/03/2019

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