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Let’s learn from the girls

Girls have a lot to teach us to improve as a country. Let us not meet them, just as we
| 30 September, 2019 |

Yesterday I went to see my beloved, unique, unmatched, daughter genius, playing football. Oh, yeah. Girls play football now. I’m not going to elaborate on his performance. I’ll just say the team is called “Slag.” And it’s a whole reflection on how they play.

You’ll tell me, “Okay. The important thing is not to compete, but to have fun.” Guess they signed up for a championship. By the way, I think they’re first… And I say it only as a reflection. Girls do go for fun, not to compete. They laugh first. They laugh later. They also laugh those who don’t play. They enjoy full. Oh, that’s great. But I don’t want to focus on the fact that the important thing is to have fun.

Men are naturally competitive. When we play something, the fun goes the other way. Precisely, for competing. For winning. It’s not enough for us to play.

And the Argentines?

Argentines are competitive. Maybe by inheritance. Grandparents. And your “every man you can in this country that’s not mine. Which I’m going to leave as soon as I make my fortune.” But they made no fortune, most of them. And those who made it didn’t turn, mostly. So, here we are.

Competing each other. Elbows, if necessary. Stepping on heads, when the situation “needs it”. In the same mud, all groped…

But there is hope. It’s not “we don’t change anymore.” Looks like it, though. Change may take a little longer than the people who adhere to Cambiemos want. That change is in future generations. More precisely, in the girls. Teenage girls. They act like women.

Those who care about the planet. For sustainability. Those who care about others and do charity from their schools. They play football and help themselves get up when they are thrown to the ground. Apologies are apologized if they foul. Worried, really, about not hurting the rival. Maybe from the awareness that without a rival, I don’t have fun, because there’s no game. The same ones who respect the referee’s decisions, without protesting.

They’re not submissive. They have nothing to do with submissive. They’re rebels. But conscious. Polite. Maybe not culturally. From the human. I think it’s infinitely more important.

And now who can defend us?

In a country that despises the sab

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