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Let's learn from girls

Girls have a lot to teach us to improve as a country. Let us not do them, just as we do with the wisdom of the elders.


Yesterday I went to see my beloved, unique, unmatched, daughter genia, play  football . Yes. Girls are playing football now. I'm not going to elaborate on his performance. I'll just say that the team is called “Scum.” And that is quite a  reflection  on how they play.

You'll tell me, “Okay. The important thing is not  to compete , but to have fun.” Guessing they scored in a  championship . By the way, I think they're first... And I say it only as reflection. Girls are going to have fun; not to compete. They laugh before. They laugh later. They also laugh those who don't play. They enjoy full. Great. But I don't want to focus on what is important to have fun either.

Men are naturally competitive. When we play something, fun happens the other way. Precisely, for competing. To win. It's not enough for us to play.

And the Argentines?

Argentines are competitive. Maybe by inheritance. From  grandparents . And his “save whoever can in this country which is not mine. From which I'm going to leave as soon as I make fortune.” But they didn't make any fortune, most of them. And those who did it didn't turn either, mostly. So, here we are.

Competing between us. To elbow, if necessary. Stepping on heads, when the situation “needs it”. In the same mud, all groped...

But there is a hope. It's not “we don't change anymore.” It seems like it, though. Change may take a little longer than the people who adhere to  Cambiemos  want. That change is in future generations. More precisely, in girls. In teenage girls. That they act like women.

Those who care about the  planet . For the  sustainable . The ones who care about others and make charity from their schools. They play  football  and help to get up when they throw themselves to the ground. They apologize if you make a foul. Worried, really, about not hurting the rival. Maybe from the awareness that unrivalled, I don't have fun, because there's no game. Those same ones who respect the arbitrator's decisions, without protesting.

They're not submissive. Of submissive they have nothing. They're rebels. But conscientious. Polite. Maybe not from cultural. From the human. I think it's infinitely more important.

And now who will be able to defend us?

In a country that despises the  wisdom  of our ancestors, our  elders  , it's good that we value that of the youngest. If we learn, what does it matter who the teacher is? I'm sure the younger ones have a lot to teach us in the human. I imagine they understand group work. The one who alone is not saved. They understand helping each other and collaborative groups to achieve success.

They understand a thousand things that we just figured out of not understanding.

And here is the big dilemma. The big question: “Who will transform whom?” Girls to us or us to them? There is only one thing clear: if we change them to them,  Argentina  will continue on the same roller coaster that is stranded fifty years ago.  Poor  in a rich country; while everyone else progresses.

Publication Date: 30/09/2019

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