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Justice is just what we need now

We can't seriously think about what we're going to get out of this mess quickly. Justice is what we need first of all, fair.

I think we were just on a  vote  to meet in Venezuela. Really. And just as it took us about 15 to 20 years to reach an untenable state, we can't seriously think about what we're going to get out of this disaster quickly.

But where should we get from? From a well much deeper than a troubled economy. We have to eradicate paco and cocaine, dismantle drug trafficking and imprison heavy drug traffickers for life. We have to disarm tens of thousands of criminals. Exonerate corrupt cops and find them something to live on (or they will continue to commit crime, now without uniform).

To remove hundreds of judges “pulls out prisoners” and end the guarantee that gives more rights to the perpetrators than to the victims. End retirements of privileges and the privileges of the legislative and executive class. Normalize trade unions and destroy trade union mafias. Regularize the system of teaching licenses.

End at once with the frauds of disability pensions and trout retirements of people who do not even live in the country. Also, rethink the system of collection of taxes, to make it simple and above all, equitable.

There are a thousand more things to change. And I'm excluding economic on purpose. Because we are an abundant country, and fixing the economy, once the right measures are taken, will not take long.

But economy, social justice, education, health, culture are not going to be resolved at the root if, first, we do not become a just country. Justice in all its aspects is essential to be a country offering conditions and possibilities.

How to demand that a policeman not to order a pizza, when only 2% of corruption cases reported in justice end up with a prison official? What can be expected when the President of the Supreme Court of Justice (the country's highest authority) rents 11 departments for prostitution? And he's not in jail!

What future do we have, if a Vice President of the Nation has a trout car and declared domicile in a medano?

In such a country, at some point, ordinary citizens broke out. Luckily, this time we did it at the polls. As appropriate. But we could well have finished shooting... between us.

Rating: 3.50/5.