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Joy is not only Brazilian

We celebrate as far as there isn't. We cover, so as not to suffer the “misfortunes” that we ourselves create.
Hacemos un festejo hasta en donde no lo hay.
28 October, 2019

Fernández-Fernandezwon. Almost half a country celebrates. On the streets. – Oh, no, no, no. Excitement almost madness. Relief. Some revanchism. That rainbow of emotions we are. But joy is not only Brazilian.

I’m not saying that on the front of Together for Change you are happy. But a thousand memes have already appeared with what is going to happen to us as a country from December 10. Or tomorrow. Funny memes. Anger. Disappointment. Scary. I’m freaking out. I fight. A certain reassurance of having fulfilled the duty imposed. That rainbow of emotions we are.

Yesterday was very healthy for everyone.

We laughed at all our misfortunes. And here I want to stand. Undoubtedly, it’s a way to do catharsis. Maybe a little melodramatic. It’s like laughing that we’re in misery and it can’t be worse, but it gets worse. It’s very healthy. Because life goes on.

Today, we all returned to our jobs (it’s a way of saying, of course). It’s over. Let the next blow or joy come. Because we’re a country roller coaster. Happy today. Very happy tomorrow. Past depressed to death.

The only thing that really turns us around is losing at the World Cup

Why will we be sooooo fans with the Football? It’s amazing. Like us. It’s crazy. Oh, obvious. We’re all crazy. The Europeans think it’s nice. Central and North America don’t even care. We don’t exist for Asia . Every now and then, I think what the Martians who look at us from space will believe that we are. It is impossible for them to understand us, even if they are far superior minds.

What’s wrong with us at the World Cup? What are we at stake? Which makes it possible for us to overcome the crack. Let guys so different and enemies make a truce for a month. Like in the First World War, for Christmas. Don’t give me that we’re not enemies. The crack is clear and it was always there; only no one expressed it that way. Mystery of life.

The thing is, Joy isn’t just Brazilian.

Healthy. Healthy habit. They say that laughing at oneself is only reserved for the smart. It seems that Argentines are the exception that confirms that rule. But here we go. Trying to make a carnival of all you can.

If we just got a little serious… If instead of covering the sadness with joy, we avoided living on

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