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Impunity of Judges

If the Judges are impartial, there can be no Justice for anyone. So, nothing can work well. Such a country
| 14 October, 2019 |

Argentina is the kingdom upside down. The cop steals you or sells you drugs. Criminals are the victims. Judges are citizens with more rights than others. That you and me.

A country “Fellinezco”

In Argentina it’s all like in a film by Federico Fellini, one of those very incomprehensible. We had to endure a Chief Justice who had several departments used as brothels. And he justified them by saying he knew nothing. The worst part is that we forgive him. We didn’t care. We forgot two days later.

Luckily, he made, like, 400,000 pesos a month. At least, the money you bought them with should be “white”. I guess so. But that’s another obsenity that doesn’t bother us. Oh, by the way: as if delirium was not enough, they set their own salary. Well, they noticed they didn’t pay income tax. The one we all paid for.

As if having a profession and a job full of prebendas is not enough, they are also partial. That is, “we are all equal before the law” do not comply with it. It’s as simple as that. You don’t like it? Screw it. Equality only runs for parslees. Tuck a narco into a cane? A politician? A powerful businessman? That’s not for our judges, sir!

Let’s go by STEP

After the PASAs and their results, Su Lordorias began to release all the defendants who committed crimes under the shadow of the previous Government. Mrs. Fernández de Kirchner, on trial, leaves and returns to the country whenever she pleases. And she’s going to visit a daughter with such special treatment in Cuba, we don’t know what she’s sick of.

Suspicious, huh? No, I don’t. Unfortunately, as a suspect he has nothing. Except for Bonadío, Horns, and Prosecutors such as Stornelli, Pollicita, Campagnoli, Marijuan, the judges made life impossible for the Macri government. Just look at the Supreme Court’s ruling on the removal of VAT on food. The ones that you and I consume. And to which the poor have almost no access.

I’m asking you not to be simplistic and think I’m talking or doing politics. Because you didn’t understand anything. I’m just quoting situations. Real. Amazing. That they should not happen either to one side or the other of the crack.

Now, is this okay? Can judges join any party or candidate or president? How far is justice if it is not independent of the executive branch?

Until we clean up the justice of corrupt and criminal, Argentina will not have growth

How can you require a low-light citizen to understand that the editorial/justicia-es-justo-lo-que-necesitam

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