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If we order ourselves... we all win

There is no doubt that the Japanese are a people to imitate. Its evolution as a country has been based on education. Something we teens about.

Si nos ordenamos... ganamos todos

The other day, I got a  viral  from a  report  to a Mexican executive, descendant of Japanese. Obviously, it is an important or prominent guy in  Mexico . I'd like to know his name to find more of his life. And learn.

The  journalist  asks him what is the biggest difference in Japanese  education  than Latin American education. The rest is to say that they had been talking about what is different from Eastern  culture  to Latin American culture. From the solid, big, steady progress  Japan  made after being razed by two atomic bombs in World War II. From how they rose from the ashes to become a world power today. In just 70 years. What for a country is nothing.

It is clear that  oriental culture  is millennial and that marks the differences of wisdom between peoples. Mexicans, at least they had the Mayans. We didn't even get the Incas near us. And it's noticeable. We are a poor  people  in wisdom. Teenager. Blessed by God with goods.

What the Mexican said I didn't see it coming.

The Mexican said this is a big difference in education. Obvious. The Japanese are a people educated by their leaders. This is how its emperors have preferred and sought it. Not as it happened in  China , where the people are subjected to non-education, as here.

This is what is soprendent

Among other things, the executive said that one of the main reasons is that boys, from the beginning of their  school life, are taught to clean their classroom. Cleaning is not a punishment. With what is not an act neither dishonorable nor bad. All right, quite the opposite of here.

Cleanliness and order are taught in Japan as a key to success. And the guy turned the example straight to the country. Which is, no more nor less, than a sum of individualities. Of course, these individualities should seek the common good and common objectives. The other way around, exactly, of what is happening in Argentina. Japan is power and we are not.

Cleanliness and order of the workspace decisively contribute to efficiency

It can concentrate better. Focus more. Be much more productive, using these tools. And that, it leads to efficiency. Efficiency leads to improved products. Improvement in quality, increase sales. But efficiency also improves production and sales processes. So, lower the price of the product. Sales are up. With better processes it ensures that you fulfill orders in time and form.

And if taxes are reasonable, the products are competitive in the world.  Exports are increasing. Companies earn more and employees do the same. Maybe they can even work less.

Japan is the fifth most competitive country in the world

Our children, from  Sarmiento  to today, are prepared to retain a lot of information. The usefulness of which is questioned by  Google . Japanese guys are prepared for success.

They have half as much poverty as we do (16 vs 32). But it's 130 million people; we're 45. On a mountainous area of 400,000 km2. While Argentina is blessed with cattle,  food  and  mining  , at almost 3,000.000 km2.

If we were to teach important things like order and cleanliness, another would be the story. But we let our rulers keep us uneducated. Too bad. We could win all and not a few.

Publication Date: 09/09/2019

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