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It was all together, Palacios.

The President will go down in history like the man who gave us back to the place we should never have come out

I think it is true that the President is presiding over this country for a thirst for glory. For money, I'm sure it's not. I also think her tears during the  Colon Theater  show at the G20 were genuine. Before I think I'm a subnormal, give me a chance to explain my theory. And let's design, or not, later.

I think the President has two views on the country, more than coherent. The first is that we not only deserve to be a world power, but we can be. The second is that if we don't all go together, it's impossible to achieve it.

With the tension it would have been to have to show to the Argentines (that we are) and to the world, that we could organize a perfect summit with the twenty most important presidents; of having to put ourselves permanently inside that group in bilateral meetings; it is logical that before such a wonderful spectacle as Argentum was (”silver”, in latin) and everyone's standing ovation, has been loosened and excited.

But it's not the only thing. The President needed to show us Argentines (that we are) that it is all together. That we can all do unique things together. And that's what he did. Ricky Pashkus created an amazing show, adding, mixing, bringing together everything ours: tango + buoys + the mountain range + mobile scenarios + folklore + rompers + boleadoras + technology + field + harvesters + art + lemons + rap + ponchos + llamas + cane +dresses + boots + chamamé + accordions + Soda Stereo + energy + adults + Grandparents from nothing + synchronism + Rosario + mapping + cows + Charly + Julio Bocca + Mora Godoy + art street + muscular + youth + gauchos + class + classical music + violins + orchestra + filleting + professionalism + blend + union + wine + wheat + glacier + Mar del Plata + Aconcagua + routes + pampa guard + spray.

We have to grow up once and for all. It's all together. Respecting the one who thinks differently. Not seeking to impose our truth, but seeking to find it. Keeping our ideas, but adultly discussing them. But all together. If the President succeeds, he'll have earned much more than all the money he already has. It'll go down in history like the man who gave us back to the place we should never have come out of.

All together we can do not just a show a thousand times better than any opening of the World Cup you can think of. We can all achieve our own glory together.

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