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Comply with the law is for giles

We walk the cornice of the illegal and fall all the time. We don't care about complying with the law. Like we're immune to bullets.

There is no case: we don't like to comply with the  law . And we cannot always blame our poor ancestors for our evils. That's enough. They are two characteristics (in one) that we need to change, urgent. Look for culprits, point the accusing finger. It doesn't build anything like that, except it's a crime. I'll be back with that. And that those culprits are inexorably, the others. Never us. They didn't take us far.

But from somewhere we have the little respect we have for law and authority.

 Comply with the law is for giles 

We always walk the cornice of the illegal and thousands of times we fall. We're walking around the banquina, exceeding the set speed limits.  We don't think we have to keep them.  Instead of thinking that someone, specializing in transit, came to the conclusion that the limit is that. And from then on, it's dangerous for our lives and that of others.  Sure, nothing is going to happen to us.  The one who set the limit is a barrel branded barrel who knows nothing. So, for example,  we are the country with the most deaths in traffic accidents in the world . Apply to handle and use the cell phone at once.

In all we can, we break the law. It can't be like that. And most of the times we do, to get a miserable advantage, we screw someone else. Nice society we have. Then we tear our garments when something like the truncate final of the Copa Libertadores in River happens. We think first about how they're going to see us in the world, as if the world worries about a banana republiqueta like us. They don't even know where Argentina is.

 It would be better to worry about ceasing to be a third world country 

For that, it is imperative that we respect. The others. To the law. To what is necessarily imposed to live in society.

I understand that in recent years this has been exacerbated. We went to the extreme imbecile that the police cannot repress (repression means responding to pressure), that non-corrupt judges and prosecutors are afraid to enforce the law. We have a Congress that protects proven perpetrators from havoc, like Menem. To the barabravas (there is a law of Cambiemos cajoneada two years ago) and to the fraudsters and corrupt through the lack of sanction of the law of extension of dominance (another law drafted by the opposition).

 The law must be respected and criminals should be punished accordingly . The sentences are to be served in their entirety. For something they are imposed.

They sold us the fear of repression. And I wonder if the daily dead at the hands of drug traffickers, criminals and thieves are not much more than those who could eventually die at the hands of an easy trigger...

Rating: 0/5.