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Darthes is innocent

Gender-based violence is something that needs to be eradicated right now and that's not going to happen


How to escape to write this week about   Juan Darthes  ?

We are complicated Argentines. Now we all know about Nicaraguan legislation, for example.

Another is that we already convicted the guy for a report from a girl. Note: do not confuse; I think he is guilty, because there are already many voices that add up against him, of abused women and I suspect that it cannot be a smear campaign.

It is time that, faced with these screwed issues, we begin to think and mature, as a society. Established that I think  Darthés  is guilty in this case and in others, I clarify that I do not understand violence in any of its expressions and I detest  violence against women , especially. Whatever it was.

Established we have to think, let's think. What is Darthes guilty of? For now, nothing. Until their guilt is established justice through. I think it should be noted once again that I too suspect him. But neither our suspicions nor our judgments make him guilty. Only the facts, punishable before justice. Now, be careful: this report is far worse than the others. While both are detestable, one thing is abuse and another much worse is a rape of minors. I don't know if it's a difficult threshold to cross. I don't know if the actor is guilty in both crimes. But they're different things.

Now, one thing that strikes me is the silence of the victim's parents. I put myself in the father's place and his silence makes me suspect, or at least wonder why. And I'm not trying to blame the victim much less. I stand on your side and pray that you can prove it; one thing I know is very difficult. Although the actor sent himself half a prisoner by saying that she wanted to seduce him. What does it have to do with it?? Even if you were naked in your bed, she was a minor!!!

Another thing that catches my attention is this about the collective that supports the victim. While he seems to be politicized by a vast majority of “k” actresses, I don't see him the reason why the cause is politicized. With which, I don't think it is. But why didn't they join up against Ottavis, Luppi, Eguillor? This guy was just a few days ago... They say it's the beginning. I support them. Fearlessly denounce everyone.

Questions... I think that if we don't ask ourselves questions and seek answers seriously, adulthood, trying to find the absolute truth of facts and things, without trying to draw personal revenues, bring water to any mill, do politics, no good. If it is not with the humility of understanding what we do not know and not try to impose our positions, it is not good. Themes end up trivializing, losing strength. And so, the slightest news is brought to the big topic.

 Gender-based violence  is something that needs to be eradicated right now and that is not going to happen. Without debate it's not going to happen. It's here and it's now. It is with this theme and with many others. Let's face it. Let's mature. Let's figure it out. Let's grow up. Let's force lawmakers to legislate what is wrong. And the judges to act with justice for the victims. Darthes is innocent for now, but if he is proven guilty, the law must be strictly enforced. We can.

Publication Date: 17/12/2018

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By: Berni Palavecino 17 December, 2018

Se convirtió en una caseria de brujas esto quien m asegura q darthes es culpable 10 años después

By: Serena Arévalo 18 December, 2018

Yo creo en la premisa " inocente hasta que se demuestre lo contrario", la justicia aún no actuó lo demás es un circo.

By: Juan Peruggia 20 December, 2018

JD el chivo expiatorio................

By: 07 September, 2019

En respuesta a

Cuidado con ponerte en el lugar del padre de Thelma porque fue preso hace unos años por violar a su medio hermana Carla Lescano

By: Rosa Linker 23 December, 2018

En Israel tuvimos un presidente culpable de violación, Busco de poder, etc. Y estuvo preso

By: Mariana Furgiuele 23 December, 2018

Conocí a Dathés y todo siempre me pareció raro hasta esta chica que ya "se supone" que es violación de menores... El colectivo de actrices me parece demasiado feminista y contra Darthés. Estoy de acuerdo con tu nota. No se sabe nada de los padres. La producción del Programa también sería culpable. El Productor general - Tinelli- . Después de esto quisiera que se metan con abusadores grosos, Con mucho poder y guita. Publicos. Famosos. Políticos y lo que venga. No nos centremos en uno solo...

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