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When are we going to think what matters?

Undoubtedly, education and knowledge are declining.


Undoubtedly, education and knowledge have been declining for more than thirty years in Argentina. The generation of poor and semi-illiterate, turned out to be a big deal for turnaround politicians.I believe that the lack of education has two main sources: hopelessness and dissatisfaction of people without work or with a bad one, increased in their children, obviously. And the aggression emanating from the state and the rulers, which society, as it can not be otherwise, reflects. The State assaults us in a thousand ways and we assaulted each other in a thousand others.Fortunately, in the interior of the country they are much more educated and less aggressive.The decay in knowledge is clearly led by that same state. The more brute, the more dominated, for sure. Less budget in Education and more to steal in other areas. People have fewer and fewer opportunities, the gap between trained and untrained is increasing, and poverty is deepening. Customers of social plans multiply. The curricula of the last century, mending to stupidity, which do not enable anyone for the world to come, make their great contribution. Unfortunately, inside, study houses have even less academic level than in Buenos Aires. Of course, the baby knows by heart all the damned rivers of Africa... So it's not surprising to naturalize in every newsreel a little girl in high school, who must know what it is like to have sex, repeating concepts about abortion, with “inclusive language” (that boludez of getting gender out of words and end them in 'e', such as “deputade” instead of “deputy”). I don't care about her; she's a teenager, she's going to pass it. I'm worried that there are adult people, irrecoverable, talking like that. As if it were more important the genre of words than the very concept of what is being said. Because this is born in Buenos Aires, but unfortunately, it then pollutes the inside.We seem always determined to value the idiot and underestimate what is important.Clearly, this baby is politicized and indoctrinated. Why do they allow proselytism and politics in state education? Shouldn't they go to study? Do you want to do politics? Great! Go to a basic unit, civic center or whatever it's called.We all misrepresent. And since we don't learn to fight maturely for what matters, we will continue to go like the orte.

Publication Date: 14/06/2018

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