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Betrayal of the Fatherland

Treason of the Fatherland is criminalized in the Criminal Code. I think his penalty should be execution. But that's debate for another time.

Editorial 22.07

Allowing, not investigating, covering up, a terrorist act that ends with the death of 85 Argentines is not considered Treason to the Homeland? Terrorist was. Organized and executed by foreigners.

It's been 25 years since the AMIAwas blown up. Eighty-five people died. And 27 since the Israeli Embassy blew up in Buenos Aires. Twenty-two people died. I'm not Jewish. I'm goi. Those who died were all Argentines, regardless of their religion. Boys, young people, old people, workers. It was a crime against the country, not just against the Argentine Jewish community. But why don't you take it like that? Let's understand that they're not Russian. They're Argentines. People. Countrymen. Friends, girlfriends, partners.

25 and 27 years, and it is only now under investigation. By “now” I mean the CEO's government that rules for the rich... I imagine that it will take some time to properly inform you from the muddy waters of SIDE (today AFI). That it must have taken another time to investigate and think and make decisions. And something else to add America to the fight. And the UN. It's not easy or not easy. It's a breakthrough.

Obviously, much detail will not be able to know. But now we know it was the same group both times. That before each attack, they were out of the country. Hours early. Via the Triple Frontier. It is now confirmed that it was the Islamic group Hezbollah. And for that, the President declares it a terrorist group.

How long is it to prove that the late Prosecutor Nisman was right in his complaint. And also that he was killed, because he was going to report a government cover-up for Hezbollah.

A lot of things are said. That the attacks were a bill charged from Iran to Menem (then President). It might be. The thing is, it was never seriously investigated. Like the death of your son Carlos. The reality is that the government did not want to investigate. Neither did De La Rua, in light of the facts. It seems Nestor entrusted Nisman with the case. But when she died, they say Maduro seduced Cristina with a lot of money to remove INTERPOL's red alert about the terrorist group.

Everything is yet to be checked. And I think the crime is Betrayal of Publication Date: 22/07/2019

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