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The largest encyclopedia of Argentine being celebrates three years. We share the joy with our friends around the world, and we go through more stories on the roads of Argentina.

Ser Argentino

It is no accident that  celebrates its third anniversary on Fatherland Day. We chose a 25 de Mayo to launch a development totally related to idiosyncrasy and national culture, with our way of living, that runs from origin, traditions, customs, to activities, the way we relate and obviously our land, the place that shelters us.

We live in very complex times, not only the present because of the storm of a pandemic that tests survival, but also because of the dynamic transformation we live at every moment, and with this, the challenge of adapting to a world that spinning ever faster.

 We define ourselves as a means of digital communication, but far from traditional newspapers, our focus goes into the identity and particular way of being of Argentines. From there, we set out to report substantially and entertaining, without running after the latest news, trying to include all Argentines, without the need to join a partisan political ideology, in order to achieve impartiality, balance and union above all.   For us is as relevant the history of the neighborhood club of the City of Buenos Aires as solidarity with the  Rojas family of Santiago del Estero , or the help of a whole  village of Chubut  with its hospital for the purchase of medical equipment.

We are not exempt from suffering a huge number of difficulties, widespread and worrying uncertainty, but if there is something that our environment has generated it is precisely that positive vision, even in adversity,  understanding the qualities of just being Argentineans and therefore, the challenge of understanding the better we can be. “Nobody knows Argentines like us,”  we said at the Mercurio Awards, with the important distinction awarded in 2019, and we follow that commitment with comprehensive coverage in more than ten provinces, with journalists in each region from Jujuy to Tierra del Fuego, who present the stories to us which the national media often set aside in the dizziness of the first. From  we offer to stop the ball and look in the eye.

Our task is hard, when it comes to finding definitions that explain how or why we are, so passionate, nostalgic, supportive and at the same time, the challenge of  transcending “the mote” by believing us the center of the world, that of pride, picardy, or that of some few know-it-all that has caused us so much harm.   For this we look for the voices of outstanding Argentines who help us to think about our little things and our difficult times, the best and the worst, from  Rosendo Fraga  to Gonzalo Bonadeo. Without neglecting the good vibes of Mike Amigorena, who put on the devil's suit, in a fun dialogue with God, and in that  spot  on the site that was sensation on networks and on television.  summarizes the largest compendium in the field with its more than 12,000 content notes, trying to show the various activities and the national essence in motion. With a flow of one million readers, and in different languages, the platform was updating its resources to provide a friendly and accessible reading.  We also started with the production of exclusive audiovisual content such as “ Mateando con amigos” , “We are camino” and “Un país generoso”, with different ways of approaching customs, current and protagonists, that define us in the world.  

Today we celebrate much more than three years, we are proud and blessed to do what we love, we form a committed work team, which understands the responsibility to build a brand that represents the true cultural spirit of a society that wants once and for all, stand up and shout at cuatro vientos how nice it is to be an Argentine!

 We thank our audience for following and accompanying each publication, also to all those who send us content that feed the site, with unpublished stories and stories, so unique, that allows us to continue to grow every day.   The largest encyclopedia is the window of a country that we make, dream, transpire, among all.


Publication Date: 25/05/2021

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