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Argentino rude!

An insult that defines us is rude. We heard it. We are. It's sad, but remediable. Now, the solution must
13 November, 2019

Tell the truth. How many times did we eat an insult abroad for the lack of our manners? Maybe not you, not me. But we saw it in a compatriot. And I put it in the first person, because until we make it our own, we’re not gonna fix it. Maleducated is a term that defines us perfectly.

Uneducated because we have not been educated; not because we have been miseducated. He’d be like an “uneducated”, in the language of today’s boys.

Let’s go to the beach. We eat. We throw the papers and debris in a little bit in the sand. We smoke. We throw the butts straight into the sand. We walked down the street. We throw what we have left on the floor. We drive. We emptied the ashtray in the street.

Not everything is limited to cleaning, of course. We drive . We’re texting via Whatsapp. We don’t respect the lanes. We get in front of what we can; the important thing is to gain space. Not to mention the roundabouts or mouths. We have to tap and pass. You say these things have something to do with us being the 8th country in the world with the most traffic accident deaths – Yeah . Naaaahhhh!

Murphy’s Law #7: “Everything that can be worse ends up being worse”

In the last 20 years, everything got worse. We’re rude even to move through life. You let a woman through a door first and not thank you. You open the car door for him to come up and he doesn’t understand. The elders, no patience. Much less, respect. Donkeys we are!!! Neighbors who do not greet each other, in the same building. And it doesn’t just happen in Buenos Aires. This is also the case in the country’s large and medium-sized cities. Luckily, he didn’t reach the villages.

Poor people who claim housing and plans, not work. This is quite a subject. But the root is the same.

We haven’t been taught.

The poorhave not been taught that you have to work to progress, maintain a family and indulge yourself. The middle-class citizen has not been taught not to dirty the cities, squares, beaches, where he himself lives.

Maybe our parents have. But there are things that, without statepolicies, don’t work. And the state, long ago, abandoned us to our fate. I don’t know if this is a systematic plan of submission through non-education. What I know is that the Argentine is maled

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