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An expectant country

The day will come when we stop waiting and do not believe ourselves any more false expectations. Let's think about
El día en que no seamos más expectantes.
| 09 September, 2019 |

If there is one thing that embraces all Argentines, it is that we are an expectant people . We live on expectations.

We are because we always expect someone else to do things. “Someone has to do something about the drug.” Put it on. Making us responsible; educating and accompany the children, not to use violence with them, I owe you. “This country…” That “this country” thing as if it wasn’t the ours, it belongs to our grandparents. It’s gone. “My country” is the right thing. I understand the nonos didn’t feel so Argentinian. After all, many They came to turn. But us? Let’s go, boys.

The Argentines protested. For everything. And that’s how far we go. We sometimes put in a pan. But if not, it’s elevator talk.

As if solutions fell from the sky, we don’t stop complaining, almost never. And the worst thing: we believe that these solutions will arrive at some point, alone. We still believe that things are magically fixed. They promise us magic and we believe. Over and over again. Like a horse with earmuffs. We look like Indians buying colored mirrors.

Up to that we don’t get to think for a good time, we’re going to stay on the mountain. Russian that is this beloved country that we have. Think fairly, in the country that We want to. And in which we want to leave. How we’re going to fit into the world.

We need to discuss country models. And choose the one we like best. We must stop buying rotten fish . Promises. Illusions. Paradises. It’s very childish about us. Stop thinking selfishly and in the short term. It went really bad for us.

There is another part of the country that lives in anticipation of the state. The vast majority of them are poor. It’s just that nobody taught them the culture of work. The effort. Sacrifice as a way to well-being. To find a decent job, one can do, happy. And there it ceases to be work and sacrifice. No one taught the poor how comforting it is to support their children in dignity. To buy them a Christmas present and watch them laugh.

They taught them to depend on the state. To wait for the state. Until we educate the coming generations, we’re fried. They’re fried. We should fight for that, even those of us who are not poor. Because not a rich man can live fully in a country of poor people. We have to teach them not to depend. Not to wait. To achieve.

While Let us be an expectant people, we will not be a great country again. It’s not a sin. to be. God gave us so much and we wasted it. Each one will know what expectation to leave behind and what to do to improve. But it’s everyone’s issue. In Sometime, we’re gonna have to put our pants on.

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