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A country of bastards

In some respects, we are far away from “A country with good people.” In the antipodes. We're rather, you bastards in various respects.

Un país de hijos de puta

A few days ago, a friend had to go out and buy a wheelchair for her mom. Here is a brief account of his misadventure that proves that we are a country of bastards.

In front of the hospital, they asked him 37,000 pesos. New. Brand new. Never cab. He decided to walk, given that the figure was, moreover, very high. To make it short: she started walking. He walked. And as he moved away from the hospital, the price was going down. Motivated, she went further away. Looks like a lot, because he ended up getting it for 12,500 pesos. The same. Exactly. Even the same color. From 37 to 12 lucas.

The Serenissima increased, in the six months of the year, 10 times. With  inflation  that, while still high, is falling month by month. Because of something spontaneously, a campaign for people not to consume branded products came up spontaneously on  social networks  .

And so there are a lot of cases. But not only big companies do it. Shops do the same thing. It's okay that shops are not  price makers , but at the end of the day, they put their bit to complicate the stage.

It was always like that.

Since  inflation  has affected the country, several decades ago, that in terms of prices “we cover”. We increase by doubt. Which is extremely ridiculous, given that if no one increased, things would not increase. We think it's part of the  Creole vividness . That we are pillos. And the truth is, we're bastards.

Always thinking about saving ourselves, as the only possible alternative. When the only viable is joint salvation as a country. Let's blame once again on the  immigrant  defects we have. Let's throw the ball outside and hide that we're like that.

We have a remedy?

There's no point looking into the past. The best thing we can do to stop being bastards is to recognize him, first. And then attack the problem. Which is that we can't see beyond our noses. We can't think together. As a society. As a country.

We don't see the long term either. We looked only today, as if tomorrow doesn't exist. I don't know where we get that, since an  immigrant  lives for tomorrow.

What is clear is that we have to think ourselves as a society and look in the  long term . It's the only way to grow as a country. To become a world power again.

In a dizzying world, opportunities are there. Today being a power sounds like a little bit. But if we look right, we can. As long as we stop behaving like bastards. With the forgiveness of all the mothers who gave us birth.

Publication Date: 01/07/2019

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By: Maria Cabeza 01 July, 2019

Te felicito por la honradez y visión clara. Hay que dejar de creer que somos buenos. Somo unos turros. Yo nop, paso...pero hay mucho garca afuera y no lo dije yo.

By: agus 16 February, 2020

Empiecen por declarar la deuda publica como inconstitucional, busquen a los culpables y que paguen con sus bienes, "sus fortunas personales", busquen la cabeza de quienes maquinan todo esto con el desparpajo y horror que significa para un pais y su gente . Luego échenlos del pais , sin posibilidad de volver . Ese día la Argentina volvera a crecer

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