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A Cordovan on TV

Our correspondent Bianca Ruggia participated in “Morning Chronicle”, for Canal 10 de Córdoba.


Since  Ser Argentino , we try to create a space where everything that makes us who we are coexist. Our customs, our idiosyncrasy, our solidarity acts, our exploits, our failures, our outstanding characters (the famous and the anonymous) and our stories, especially those minimal, which are ultimately worth telling.  Good and bad, it's all part of what makes us Argentinians.  

In turn, we're trying to give  a federal look at our site . We have  correspondents in different provinces of the country , who tell us what is going on there and who help us create a network that gives representation to every Argentine, wherever they are.

This work — which we have been doing for more than two years — is being recognized.  Bianca Ruggia is our cordobese star , who tells us from this beautiful province what  Cordobesidad  is all about in the first person. On each note it makes us laugh and thrill, and  get to know the Cordobeses a little more . Her talent does not go unnoticed: she was recently summoned to participate in the local news channel 10.  

 The Cordovan language 

There, she was invited for her extensive  research on Cordovan speech , which graciously embodied in our How We Talk section. The subject?  The Cordovan dictionary 4.0.   During the  Morning Chronicle  program, Bianca participated in the segment “What is said”, in which they consulted the Cordobese about the phrases, sayings and words that identify them.

Then came the participation of Bianca, who is a researcher in the area of linguistics of the Arts degree at the  Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of the National University of Córdoba.   From her experience, she provided her input on what the Cordovan dialect means and about the importance of embracing it and feeling very proud of it.

 “ Cordovan is a variable that constitutes our identity . The quartet, pritiá, asao, are part of popular culture. We have to be aware of the power our language has when it comes to building ourselves as an identity, it is very important to appropriate that.”

 We are proud to have talented people like Bianca on our team and to be able to continue adding voices that speak from every corner of the country.  

 Do you want to see it? Look for it on the note!  

Have you read Bianca's Cordovan dictionary yet?

1. What is there

Because we settle for little, not for conformists or mediocre, but for copados. “É lo qui hay” is a phrase that, in addition to being one of the most repeated, reflects the idiosyncrasy of Cordoba. And why not Argentina. So, if there is little, we still accept with good will. This phrase is so rooted in our everyday dictionary that there is even a quartet band with this name.


2. If I loved you i ite

“If I loved you i ite, but I don't revenge with so much shake,” says a quartet theme of La Banda de Carlitos or the LBC. It is like this: this phrase represents the “cut la bocha” of the porteños. Because in addition to being funny and nice, we also have our spicy phrases. And, like everyone else, we don't like having us around.


3. Neither duns

It's denial par excellence. It means nothing or at all. It serves to emphasize a phrase of negative connotation. “There's not even a lot in the fridge,” “I don't like it or dost the way you treated me.” The Cordobese use several phrases with eschatological senses, and that's what there is.


4. Neither trunk e' ball

This phrase replaces the verb ignore. On Cordobeses cell phones, when they call you, you don't see “accept or reject call.” You see “vevo or no e'bola trunk.” That's how we managed in Cordobaland. If someone comes and tells you that they didn't give him a trunk e' ball, it means they didn't pay him a little attention. I mean, it failed and all wrong.


5. And yes son

This phrase is the favorite auction of Johny de Córdoba who taught us to make the moñito noodle stew. But it is also the headline of all Cordobeses. In order not to remain quiet, affirm the expression we have just spoken or show that there is an agreement in the conversation the “and if son” is the magic card. Just do it: it goes with a particular amount.


6. According to vó

The big phrase to stop some ballasero out there. When the one who is talking to you is telling you a lot of chamuyo, the perfect finisher is the “according to go”. This expression serves to give reason, but with sarcasm. I mean, to tell the recipient that “na' you see” what he's saying. This “according to vo” basically cites the bibliographic source from which information was extracted. If someone throws a wrong data, you say “according to go” and chau pichu.

 The Leo is going to wash my car today.  

 ( The Leo responds): According to vó 

There is another example in doubt:

 The quarantine is going to end tomorrow 

 According to vó, son 

Is it understood? Or don't you dawl?


7. Not if you go...

Although it may seem French, it is Cordovan, this is a replica that attempts to highlight the recipient's ignorance. With dyes of irony and a hint of humor, this finisher always gives to think, as it leaves in evidence that some comment was ignorant or redundant. There is a popular joke that serves to understand this expression. He says there was a skinny guy leaning on a pole at the bus stop. In that comes a man and asks him: “Are you waiting for bondi? “, to which the skinny man answers: “No, if he is holding him again, so he does not fall. “

Publication Date: 07/08/2020

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By: Marcos A Sánchez 07 August, 2020

Felicitaciones Bianca!

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