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Dive in the depths of Cordoba

You couldn't imagine it... In Cordoba there are several options to learn how to dive and know beauty from another perspective: depth.


The province of Cordoba has a  thousand and one options  if it is to live new experiences. The landscapes offered by the Cordovan territory are unique, varied and beautiful. Fans of  adventure tourism  have this province as a paradise. Its mountains, lakes and hills invite us to do many activities. That's why it's the first destination if you're looking for adrenaline. It has  underwater resources , with its  flora and fauna  that enchants us. Its  submerged landscapes  mirror the beautiful  mountain ranges  that surround it.

One activity that is gaining strength in recent years  is  diving .  Many destinations add to this proposal and offer classes, workshops and training courses. The most famous options are two:  The Cerro Pelado Reservoir and the Piedras Moras Dam.  However,  the San Roque dam and  the Blue Lagoon  ,  among others, also make their waters available for these activities.

In general,  what is recommended  for diving is to do it accompanied by a group of people. Above all, with some instructor who knows the deep terrain in which the group is immersed.

 Two submerged safety pins 

 The Cerro Pelado Reservoir  is located in the  Calamuchita Valley . Just 130 km from the capital, this reservoir gives us an  unmissable underwater forest.  Diving here is diving among trees, pircas, barbed wires, hills and ravines. The  landscapes  that Cerro Pelado gives us are indescribable and wonderful. This water mirror has an area of  1240 hectares and a maximum depth of 120 meters.  It is the perfect depth for practicing and learning to dive.

On  the other hand, Piedras Moras Dike  enables both those who have experience and those who do not to practice diving. In this dike the routes are done next to a diver belonging to the  Cordoba Sports Divers Association . On this tour you can see a village submerged under water. Between trees of 15 m, there is a stay with reservoirs and pens that are preserved in optimal conditions. The Piedras Moras gives us an underwater village that surprises us as the walk progresses. The town of Salto Norte, which  has been a lost treasure for more than 40 years  .

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Salto-Norte,-una-ciudad-que-quedó-sumergidaThe cordovan atlantis
Bucear-en-el-Nahuel-Huapi2Diving in Nahuel Huapi

Publication Date: 14/07/2020

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