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Danger in Southern Lands I

1876: the peoples that inhabited Patagonia prepared for war. The Conquest of the Desert was coming.
29 September, 2019

The assumption of the heir of the chieftain of the Chulila Küne was to be automatic between the northernTehuelches . The ritual took place in that moment of solitude where father and son exchanged . That act itself proposed a political obligation inherited by blood. A biological principle that surpassed any other argument. The posthumous moment of solitude between the dead and his heir had been enough to arrogate themselves to the renewed powers of earthly and divine law.

However, the ritual of access to command, had to be held after a prudential time and could not set aside, because it meant the passage of the heir to the immeasurable siege which occupied the “chief of all”.

For these reasons, and for others that it is not possible to list because they were secret, when the mourning period ended, the rise of the successor of the Tehuelches.

Contrary to what his people imagined, the new leader did not choose for the noble ceremony the name of his father in order to ascend to the siege of the mighty. Neither is his Spanish name. Like unique act of loyalty to their fight against the arrival of the soldiers of July Argentinian Roca to the southern territories, the heir of the Chulila Küne line, revealed his intentions.

Choosing the name of the ancient warrior I wanted represent, decided to call himself solely Inacayal, to prove that the identity of his people had back to its former glory. Millennia ago, the great chieftains spoke lost languages. Now, the man who would lead the Tehuelches, had become the head of an immense army.

Some old legends tell that the exclusive choice of the name Inacayal had its origin in a very cruel situation. It seems that in the land of that Tehuelche nation, inhabitants of the Tolderies of Chubut, three shamans ran to the wells where the mother of Groundwater was talking. They wanted to ask what name the heir would choose. The Lady of Water kept certain ancestral words that few could understand. But before they could communicate with the voice of the water, unknown men took them away, who knows where.

Days later, they found far south to one of them, in the mountain of winds, where the Holy birds coming to heaven. His head was floating in a river that zigzagged between the summits. The second was seen hanging between the branches of a solitary tree, with ankles tied, recreating the form of punishment applied to rebel Indians. His body didn’t have a drop of blood because his neck had been cut from side to side. The third was the only one they found alive, but his tongue had been cut off. He wandered the desert babbling incomprehensible things like a desolate spirit.

Apparently, this whole thing it was no longer a mere rivalry between local Aboriginal groups and settlers. The armies of Buenos Aires were advancing.

The war against the conquerors of the deserthad begun. Inacayal was ready. The time of the meeting was imminent. It is true that the asymmetrical forces of both sides would make the future sinister. But the Tehuelches decided to fight the same and their fight was for the spirits of heaven, reminding the priests attacked by the white mercenaries and in the morning that, in those days, it was uncertain.

The Conquest of the Desert was not such. Many villages inhabited the
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