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Cooked mate is also matte

For many, cooked mate is an undervalued version of mate that is not even worth asking for. But it's also
Mate cocido, también es parte de nuestra tradición.
12 October, 2019

I have a friend who always complains that the groom, when they go out for breakfast or lunch outside, asks for a cooked mate. Not a coffee, a tea or a chocolate– a cooked mate. For her — and for many — cooked mate is an undervalued version of mate that is not worth asking for, less than less in a bar.

It seems that the really respectable mate is the one that is taken with bulb and bitter, well to the Gaucho. However, cooked mate is another version of this infusion so ours and is also part of our traditions. Who didn’t take as a boy a hot cup of cooked mate served directly from the pot? If that’s not childhood flavor, I don’t know anymore.

Perhaps the detractors of this version of the mate are against the alternative in bags. Just as the tea purist only takes it into strands, the expert primer does not tolerate seeing his art become an industrialized option. Where is the ritual of accommodating the yerba, putting the water at the exact temperature in the exact place, appreciating that foam that is purelove ?

Be that as it may, the reality is that in our country there is something for everyone. In fact, in recent years, cooked mate became one of the favorite infusions of Argentines. Its consumption increased 50 percent in the last decade.
In addition, as my friend’s boyfriend does, it is increasingly being ordered in bars.

Let us, then, let everyone take the mate as he prefers and keep our fundamentalisms for more serious questions. Yerba mate is part of our culture and can be taken in the form that everyone likes best.

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