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Citrícola Tucumana aims to renewable energy

The company San Miguel is a Tucuman citrus company that will transform its energy matrix and 40% of its supply
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Citrícola tucumana apunta a la energía renovable
07 December, 2019

It is a sustainability strategy in order to realize an increasingly efficient use of natural resources. Tucuman citrus company San Miguel has decided to incorporate renewable energy sources to their matrix. This will reconvert the provision of electric power of its Famaillá Industrial Complex. This is the unit largest operating company that has the leading Southern Hemisphere company.

The volume of electricity from renewable sources will be purchased on the Renewable Energy Term Market (“MATER”). This corresponds to 8,700 MWh per year equivalent to 40% of the plant’s electricity consumption. Paula Marincioni, manager in San Miguel, explains that Tucuman citrus company will be doubling five years in advance the goal set by Law No. 27.191. This is about Renewable Energy and requires that, by 2025, 20% of electricity demand be supplied from clean sources.

To achieve this, the Tucuman Citrus company launched a tender process through the Conecto Energíaplatform, Argentina’s first digital energy marketplace. The winning supplier of this process was Central Puerto Renovables through its Los Olivos Wind Farm . The company is signing a 10-year contract from January 2020. “We are proud to be part of this project, which represents a new milestone in the transformation of our country’s energy matrix,” Rubén said. Vázquez, CEO of Renewable Energies at CP.

The EP Los Olivos, a member of the Central Puerto group, is located southwest of Córdoba, in Río Cuarto. It is in advanced stage and will have an installed power of 22.8 MW. Respond to the need to find new alternatives to generate electricity. Energies that are more environmentally friendly and replace the use of resources not renewable.

San Miguel

For its part, San Miguel is the leading company in the southern hemisphere in the production and distribution of fresh citrus fruits and processed foods. With nearly 10,000 hectares of production in various origins, it supplies more than 300 customers in 80 countries. Tucuman Citrus Growing annually processes 400,000 tons of citrus fruits and exports more than 150,000 tons of fresh fruit.

From Tucumán, San Miguel packs 2.5 million boxes of fruitannually. Simultaneously processes up to 300,000 tons of lemon to make juice, pulp, oil and peel. Derivatives that are used as inputs in the value chain of more than 100 products of mass consumption.

Los Olivos Eolico Park is under construction and will begin to provide energy for San Miguel from January 2020

Source: Intucumán

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