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There is always a program that marks you childhood and life. Cordoba's children are marked by “Heart of Tunga Tunga”.


 Cordovan children are,  par excellence, quarteteras infancias. Our cultural heritage shows that children's shows here are always  crossed by the quartet.  Our clowns like to make  jokes with tonada  and with a  quarteter rhythm.  

From our moms belly, we hear quartet.  Not because  in every house you hear this genre, there are people who don't like it. But, if they don't hear it at your house,  some neighbor  listens to it at full volume and  he'll spread it to you.  And if your neighbors don't hear it, they're your friends.  In Cordoba you can't escape the quartet.  It is a rhythm that runs in our veins to all Argentines, it is only necessary to activate it. That's why every time you hear a song with  the tunga tunga in the background , yes or yes you are invaded by the desire to dance.

In Cordoba, the boys are quintessential quarteterers.  Every two by three comes out a new viral  with  a kid  pulling a few steps. With the freshness of childhood, the spark of freedom and the picardy of making the greatest laugh.  Heart of Tunga Tunga was born like this : listening to the need of the little ones in a very particular province.

 What is the Heart of Tunga Tunga? 

It is a  television program  produced by Babel Recursos Artísticas. A series of puppets with lively landscapes, which take us to walk around the  Cordovan culture.  This fiction stars a boy named  Tito  and his grandfather  Tazo.  Their names come from  “quartetit” and “quartetazo.”  Tazo owns a greengrocer, where almost the entire plot occurs. They two appear, almost always, accompanied by other characters, with whom they live different adventures.

The series tries to convey the  Cordovan being a little,  without falling  into the stereotype  that revolves around the province, the tonada and so  on. everyday life.  Episodes address different themes, always from fun. Without falling into dramatisms, but evidencing a series  of values and teachings . They also show facts from  local history and general culture.  In addition, the creativity of this production lies in the fact that in each chapter ends up  sounding    quartetozononononononon  . 

This  program  can be seen on  Canal 10 in Cordoba.  And  he also has uploaded his hits to YouTube .

Publication Date: 18/07/2020

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