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Caritas called for its annual collection with a call for the electoral campaign not to cover the social

The Caritas organization warned about the difficulties they are having in meeting the demands, in the context of the country.

Cáritas convocó a su colecta anual

With a call for the electoral process to “not cover the critical social situation”, the Church called for its traditional annual collection of < a href =” https://www.caritas.org.ar/ "target = “_blank” rel = “noreferrer noopener” aria-label = “With a call for the electoral process not to cover the critical social situation”, the Church called for its traditional annual Caritas collection. you receive is “much larger” than the resources you have. (opens in a new tab) "> Cáritas. It will take place next weekend across the country. He argued that the growing demand for food assistance they receive is “much greater” than the resources they have.

A critical moment

“In this difficult and critical moment in the country, Caritas is like the blood that goes urgent when a wound opens, takes the place of the social reality that the country lives,” said the president of Caritas, Monsignor Carlos Tissera, at a press conference.

The bishop of Quilmes said that Caritas seeks to “visualize certain issues and be present on the agenda of a country. This is required by other situations such as the electoral process at the moment.”

“ The help we receive from the government is not enough. But the 32,000 volunteers work miracles. Thanks to their dexterity and affection, they make there a plate of food for everyone. Not only for children, but also for grandparents and parents,” said Monsignor Tissera.

The fact is that Caritas has recently seen an exponential growth of the attendants to the canteens. These are in 3,500 parishes and chapels of the country. It already includes whole families.

“ Statistics we do not have, because it is not our task. But we see it sensibly in the different dioceses. We had to make shelters for people left on the street and migrants coming from the provinces looking for work,” explained the bishop of Quilmes.

Beyond its programs of micro-entrepreneurship and aid to cooperatives, Caritas “had to focus mainly on the food issue. Especially in the Greater Buenos Aires area, faced with the closure of many small and medium-sized companies and the lack of work,” explained Juan Pablo Gasme, head of institutional development at Caritas.

Although year after year the collection increases - 91 million pesos were collected last year, 18 percent more than the previous year - the Caritas authorities consider that, due to inflation, they lose revenue capacity, while they warned a “slight” declining trend” in monthly donations through credit and debit cards.


“Demand for actions is growing. While we have an increase in other sources of income, we continue to work for volunteers. Our function is not to replace the state. But if we meet as many needs as they arise,” said Maria Lagos, Head of Resource Development.

“ Inflation has damaged the services we have. While the State has increased its aid, it is not enough. Because other situations have been created that we are trying to help,” concluded Tissera. While highlighting the “concern” of the Ministry of Social Development, he stressed the need to “move the productive machine of the country that is what generates labor”.

Donations are received in all parishes of the country or, online, through their www.caritas.org.ar.

Source: Télam

Publication Date: 07/06/2019

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