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Surely you've ever seen a dog in a flashy vest with the legend “Service Dog”, do you know what it means?


Surely you've ever seen a dog in a flashy vest with the legend “Service Dog”, do you know what it means?

Some dogs are trained to perform various activities, all with benefit to the human; perhaps you will think that this is a cruelty and that we are taking advantage of its nobility, but like all, it depends on the crystal with which you look at it: it is better to think that we are doing a job in team and valuing their cognitive and physical skills to perform tasks that we cannot perform. A service dog trained with positive methods can get to enjoy his work, generate an affective bond with the human who runs it and be a real hero for our society.

All the dogs need activities that exercise their mind, some breeds were created specifically to perform certain tasks, such as shepherds, prey collection, etc. From that premise, it is to some extent cruel to have a dog with the cognitive ability to be trained to perform various tasks and maintain their mind in a passive state intended only for the company.

Here we list a series of tasks in which a dog can be an active part of a better society.

Search and rescue:Dogs trained for this trade assist in the search for missing persons, follow traces and rescue people after a natural disaster. They can also perform rescues in the water.

Police:Police dogs are trained to assist officers in tasks such as intimidation of suspects, persecutions, custody of criminals and search for evidence at the crime scene.

Grazing: The Sheepdogs are responsible for taking care of and directing the livestock so that no member of the herd is lost when they go out to graze and that they enter the corral when the time has come.

Detection: The trained detection dogs help the police and the army with their wonderful smell in detecting bombs, explosives and narcotics. Dogs that work detecting drugs never use the substances; it is a myth that make them addicted to locate it, since consumption would prevent the good result of the dog's work and severely affect the physical and mental health of the animal. Currently, there are dogs trained to smell cancer in certain parts of the human body.

Assistance and Service: These are dogs trained to assist people with some physical weakness or disability. There is

Publication Date: 12/07/2019

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