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Why do we want an alkaline body?

There are elements that do not favor the organism, those that acidify, and others that alkalize and that do favor it.

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List of items that acidify  the organism:All meats. Cow's milk and all its derivatives. Refined sugar and all its derivatives. Refined salt (replace it with sea salt; it is not only low in sodium but it has all the mineral salts your body needs. And the same room!). Refined flour and all its derivatives: pasta, breads, cookies, alfajores, half moons, etc. All soda. Caffeine. Alcohol. Tobacco. Medicines. Any overcooked food (c the longer the cooking takes, the more acidic the food will be - ideally not to exceed 80 degrees). All industrialized products containing preservatives, flavourings, stabilizers, etc. alkali  the organism. Those we would have to eat!!All raw vegetables and fruits. Some are acidic, but inside the body they are alkalized; for example, the lemon has an approximate pH of 2.2, but when consumed it is alkalized. Seeds (chia, sesame, etc.). Remember that in order to assimilate their nutrients, you have to grind them. Whole grains and sprouted legumes; the only alkalizing whole-grain cereal is millet, all the others are slightly acidifying. But germinates are very alkalizing. Honey is highly alkalizing.Chlorophyll of plants (all plants are highly alkalizing, especially wheatgrass - wheat grass - and aloe vera). The water. Baking soda.Let's not forget to supplement it with physical exercise, which oxygenates the cells.Unfortunately the modern lifestyle makes a person consume 90% daily food that acidify the organism. This, plus sedentary lifestyle, does not favor us. Dear readers I would not like you to take this as bad news. It's not just about eating alkaline things, it's about increasing the percentage of alkaline things in your diet. For example: it would be optimal if every time you look at your plate, you notice that 70% of the elements were alkaline. Big changes are achieved with small steps, little by little, you start making different choices in the day to day. One of the keys is to eradicate negative habits when shopping, because “what is not in the refrigerator or in the cupboard, is not eaten at home.” I promise you that you will live full of energy, with high creativity and a lot of positive thoughts.

Publication Date: 03/06/2018

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