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Why do dogs test urine?

For us it may be unpleasant to see how our dog tests the urine marks left by other dogs.


Why do dogs test the urine of other dogs?  For us it may be unpleasant to see how our dog tests the urine marks left by other dogs.  Even our natural reaction is to say “ no ” and drive our dog away.

 Are we doing the right thing? 

 Smell is the main sense of dogs.  The most entertaining and vital thing for them is to be able to sniff their environment, investigate and in particular, smell with luxury of detail the urine of other dogs.

With their great smell they manage to collect an unimaginable amount of information. This great ability is due to the fact that they have a huge olfactory organ with approximately 220 million receptors (humans only have 5 million), their olfactory lobe in the brain which is 4 times larger than ours, and to a complementary superorgan that dogs have, called the “vomeronasal organ or jacobson organ.”

Jacobson's Organ: The Great Detective

  • This organ is located between the throat and nose and is specially designed to process pheromones, in addition to processing large odor molecules that cannot be processed directly into the olfactory organ.
  • When they lick something that interests them, what happens is that molecules and odor particles are taken to the jacobson organ, where they manage to decipher all the information necessary to better understand, assimilate and analyze their environment.
  • So this is the main reason why dogs, in addition to just sniffing, tend to lick something they really want to decipher.

 Licking the urine of other dogs is a natural behavior 

It is precisely an indispensable “dog” activity, which we should not avoid. The risk of diseases that are transmitted in the urine exists, but if your dog is healthy and you deworm it as it should be, the risk is greatly reduced. The point is that it is a natural activity, normal and that a dog wants to do, and tell him all the time that NO and pulling it on the leash, is something unfair.

Source: Super Puppies

Publication Date: 14/05/2019

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