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Whose attention deficit is it?

From the recent visit to our country by renowned French psychoanalyst Eric Laurent, I think it is worth some reflections.

From the recent visit to our country by renowned French psychoanalyst  Eric Laurent , who warmly welcomed a multitude of students eager to learn at the  Faculty of Psychology of UBA , I think it is worth some reflections.

 Eric Laurent  spoke about the contemporary child and the new parenthalities. It is worrying about the number of children we receive in the offices diagnosed with  ASD  (Autism Spectrum Disorder) referring to children who have difficulty speaking, who do not achieve an affective bond or play a symbolic game, and who on the other hand connect very well with screens and machines. Something similar happens with  ADHD  (Attention Deficit Disorder), depending on certain behaviors of restless children who cannot be concentrated in class. Just as those who learn quickly and much but do not relate to other children, they are considered  Asperger .

Of course we have to help these kids... But not with psychiatric diagnoses that label, or indicating multiple treatments. Leaving in this way parents invaded with distress and the child trapped in a generalized precocious sign. Each child has his ways and times... of speaking, learning, linking, playing, etc. It is about helping them, accompanying them in the construction of their subjectivity. And on the other hand, orient and contain their parents as well.

In turn, I think it's worth asking about our time, in the way we live in a hurry and stressed, in the time we give our children to play, to pamper them, to talk to them, to teach them... Will it be that attention deficit is not of the child, if not of the adult?

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