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Whose attention deficit is it?

From the recent visit to our country of renowned French psychoanalyst Eric Laurent, I think some reflections are worth it.

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From the recent visit to our country of renowned French psychoanalyst  Eric Laurent , who warmly welcomed a crowd of students eager to learn at the  Faculty of Psychology of the UBA , I think some reflections are worth it.

 Eric Laurent  spoke about the contemporary child and new parentalities. It is worrying the number of children we receive in clinics diagnosed with  ASD  (Autism Spectrum Disorder) referring to children who have difficulty speaking, who do not achieve an affective bond or display a symbolic game, and who, on the other hand, connect very well with screens and machines. Something similar happens with  ADHD  (Attention Deficit Disorder), depending on certain behaviors of restless boys who cannot concentrate on class. As well as those who learn fast and a lot but do not relate to other children, they are considered  Asperger .

Of course you have to help these children... But not with psychiatric diagnoses that label, or indicating multiple treatments. Thus leaving parents overrun with anguish and the child trapped in a generalized precocious label. Every child has his ways and times... of speaking, learning, of linking, of playing, etc. It is about helping them, of accompanying them in the construction of their subjectivity. And on the other hand, to guide and contain their parents as well.

At the same time, I think it's worth asking ourselves about our time, the way we live in a hurry and stressed, the time we give our children to play, to pamper them, to talk to them, to teach them... Is it not the child's attention deficit, but the adult?

Publication Date: 03/06/2018

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By: Mariana 16 June, 2018

muy buen artículo!

By: lansaldo 23 September, 2018

En respuesta a

Gracias! Espero ayude a la reflexión ...

By: Maria Cabeza 23 September, 2018

Yo, desde mi pequeño lugar de maestra y mamá, opino excatamente lo mismo. De reoente todos sufren de Deficit de Atención con o sin hiperactividad? Y los medican? No será una manera de los niõs de decirles a sus padres " ACA ESTOY" Será que es más fácil medicar que hacerse cargo? En otra ´poca era revoltosos y hasta inteligentes que se aburrían en clase; hoy son inadaptados, loquitos que no se los puede controlar y se los dopa.... EYES OPEN! María Cabeza (escritora)

By: lansaldo 23 September, 2018

En respuesta a

Gracias por tu comentario María ! Sin duda que desde tu lugar docente aportás mucho para evitar que sobredoagnostiquen y mediquen chicos ...

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