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When a family member is missing...

When a member of the family dies, few of us start to think about what will happen to dogs. Will they notice?


When a member of the family dies, few of us think about what will happen to dogs, will they notice?Will they feel the absence?Will it give them sadness?Will it change its dynamics?How will your routine be affected?

It seems idle to think about this, but definitely, IT IS NOT.

As we have said on other occasions, a dog is another member of the family, is part of a group and knows which members are that make up it; not only that, with each of them it establishes a particular relationship. That is why the question is not in vain.

We must remember that dogs are incredibly receptive to the moods of humans with whom they live together, so if we are sad to have lost a relative, surely they feel and empathize with that sadness. We must appreciate their company to comfort us and help them out of sadness if their favorite human was the one who left.


The first few days, just when death has just happened, they probably don't get the attention they're accustomed to; we'll change the wake walks, religious rituals, if there are, maybe a lot of people they don't know will come home, maybe there are too many people accompanying the family and this is confusing for them. We must observe them, get a little over the pain and devote an hour to them, a walk, a massage, company, finally they also lost someone.

And what if we've been away because the farewell was very long and kept us busy away from home? That's probably got them puzzled. When everything has happened and we find a moment of calm, let's spend a long walk to them, although it seems that they do not understand explain the situation, surely they will understand and with the energy we transmit to them they will be able to know that soon everything will stabilize.

 Reset routine 

Depending on the role of the family member who left will be the dynamics we should establish. For example, sometimes grandparents are the axis of union of a family, many will visit it or because they are an elderly person, it is always done that there is someone who can take care of it. If grandfather is missing, the family does not seem to have the axis that united them, everyone starts to do their activities without worrying as they used to have always someone at home caring for grandfather. Dogs, accordingly, begin to stay alone at home, perhaps longer than they can manage and may begin behavioral problems: destruction of objects, pee or feces at home, excessive barking, etc.

Whatever the relationship of the dog with whom he died, what we should think about is the role that person played in the family dynamics and try to consider dogs as individuals who were part of that peculiar routine.

 He's gone his favorite human 

If the person who died was responsible for the dogs, the first thing to do is try to understand the mourning and sadness of the dog and try to cover the attention that that person put on them.

Many dogs fall into severe depressions after the loss of their best friend; this situation, which has led to many stories of canine love, is a serious condition in which the dog needs help. Do not let him stay in that deep sadness, no one in the world deserves to die sad, help him recover, learn from him loyalty and in memory of your relative, give a place to that dog next to you.

Keeping dogs entertained, increasing their walks and soon establishing an affectionate bond with each family member will be what will allow everyone to integrate again and establish new roles. It is desirable that in this new dynamic the whole family participate in the care and relationship with dogs, because so everyone will have comfort and will be a harmonious relationship.

 Emotional support 

Dogs are excellent companions for a duel. Not only do they manage to feel what is happening at that moment, they know how to stay by your side without censoring your crying, without reproaches, without hollow words that do not comfort, without demands that at those times you do not want to hear; they also know how to take from your lips a smile and commonly, with their occurrences until one another laughter.


Walking with them on a walk in the fresh air will serve to release their emotions, rediscover nature and its wonders and find peace again in their hearts. This activity is ideal for the whole family to take a break.

Making the family's bond with dogs narrow will be the key for everyone to find again a union point, a motivation to leave home, to leave sadness behind and learn again to love without reservation.

Source: Super Puppies

Publication Date: 08/05/2019

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