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Wanting a dog does not mean choosing which one you like best because of its physical or “race” qualities


Wanting a dog does not mean choosing which one you like best because of its physical or “race” qualities, wanting a dog implies realizing that you will invite him to share your life, your home, your space and that he also has needs and often will not meet your expectations.

To want a dog is to be willing to love it in the good and bad, as a puppy, as an adult or as a grandfather, to love it when it barks and to have patience because something wants to tell you. Love him when he bites the walls and the armchair, when he runs and doesn't listen to you because he's expressing his free and playful nature. Take him to the doctor because he's sick or hurt himself. Give him dignified food and not “what's left” but what you can really offer him. Understand that a dog has tastes and dislikes and that what you expected of him may not be compatible with who he really is.

Wanting a dog is not a question of wanting or wanting, or longing or dreaming. To want a dog is to understand that you will not have a dog, that we cannot possess another being, that is not a thing or property but a unique individual who coexists and shares life with you with will and his own mission to accomplish. To love a dog is to stop talking about wanting to really learn to love... To love a dog is to observe it, to take it into account, to let it decide, to let it grow, to let it express itself, to let it embody its canine footprint in this world. Loving a dog is recognizing that it belongs to a different animal species than yours and as such has different and specific needs: such as running outdoors, sniffing everything in its path, exploring the world, playing and meeting other dogs.

You will have fears, insecurities, enojos, frustrations, joys, preferences, friendships, sorrows, losses, pain, sleep, hunger, joy, emotion to wake up by your side every day, thanks and love... much love.Loving a dog is to commit to all the days of your life because it will depend on you and You're his only home. To love a dog is to be willing to discover and accept the lessons he has come to teach you, because if you love a dog you know that it was he who organized to reach you to help you reconnect with life, with the present, with the sun, the moon and the stars, with plants, with the sky, with the air and the mountains but above all ... help you reconnect your heart.

PS: “If your dog is not meeting your expectations, it is because you are not meeting their needs”

Source: Super Puppies

Publication Date: 01/05/2019

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