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Wanda can't have cellulite

Public demand that public people be beautiful

The photo of Wanda and Icardi in Ibiza caused a furor in the networks, and it is necessary to repeat everything that was talked about whether their image is “photoshopeada” or not. The question is... Why can't Wanda have cellulite?And here I come to explain why the public demands that public people be beautiful. “ Beauty is the quality of a person  to provoke in those who contemplate them or listens to sensory, intellectual or spiritual pleasure¨ and highlight the word “  pleasure   ”. It seems silly, but that's what generates us to see social media posts of personalities, both men and women, with harmonious, happy and, above all, cute photos. It's like seeing an image of a perfectly decorated house against a messy and dirty house. They are seconds of displeasure that we don't like to have and that's where criticism is generated. Because who didn't have his house messy ever?, or going back to the subject, how many people you criticized do not have cellulite?It is almost a fundamental requirement that celebrities generate this  visual pleasure  in their publications, we do not want to see them with cellulite or wrinkles and much less sad. We don't want them to be so real. We need them to look good, to believe that we can be fine.And, even if it sounds frivolous, popular thinking is going to remain, if Wanda who has money to perform aesthetic treatments has cellulite... what remains of other mortals?[democracy id="38"]

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