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Anti-rabies vaccination to your pet?

Rabies is a very serious infectious disease caused by a virus that attacks the animal's nervous system. Anti-rabies vaccination is mandatory.


Rabies vaccination is a mandatory vaccine.

 Rabies is a very serious infectious disease  caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system of the animal causing the latter's death. Therefore, although this disease can be considered eradicated, it is important to periodically make vaccinations to prevent our  pet  from suffering  rabies .

 Which animals does this virus affect? 

These viruses affect both domestic and wild animals.  Dogs  are the main hosts and transmitters of rabies, although other wild animals such as foxes, bats, ferrets and felines are also guests.

 Is rabies transmitted to people? 

Yes, rabies is an infectious disease that can be transmitted from the infected animal to the person through the  bite . All warm-blooded animals, including humans, can be infected with  rabies . Without treatment, this is a serious disease that affects the nervous system.

 Is rabies vaccine mandatory? 

YES. The rabies vaccine is mandatory throughout the country.

 How often do you get the rabies vaccine? 

The first rabies vaccine is usually put between 4-6 months since before it may not be effective because the puppy until the year still has antibodies from the mother, a year the booster rabies vaccine is repeated and from there the rabies vaccine will be applied annually, although this period may vary depending on the country, for example, in the US it is every 3 years. The rabies vaccine should be applied by a veterinarian.

Publication Date: 10/09/2019

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