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A monument

The word connotes memory, commemoration, recognition. "It's to make a monument to it" is what you say when you stick it on something.

The word connotes memory, commemoration, recognition. "It's to make a monument to it" is what you say when you stick it on something. It is a construction designed and thought out to represent some character or relevant event from the nearby place - when the event happens near - or far - when the person is from the region. Little by little, its use spread to any building of artistic, archaeological or historical value and became a symbol of the place that can be called a "landmark". In this way, throughout history, the concept of a monument has become successful and has expanded into many disciplines, including architecture. Key to the original monuments, from the materiality, the implantation, the idea of how high they are placed, etc. As well as this term returns to architecture the development achieved and buildings are conceived that become monuments when they acquire excessive importance and provide identity to the place as well as the concept of monumentalist architecture. Opening the fan even further, one step higher than the monument itself, is the icon, understood as an element of any materiality and any form. But it has the characteristic of bringing identity to a certain place, either because of its connotation, formal similarity, or because it is so unique in itself but so characteristic of the place that it can be there but not in another place. Clarifying the picture: any person, place, construction, whatever, that is conceived as a monument, may have been thought to be, or become, with social and symbolic success over time, an element of a place that must be cared for materially and urbanly as it is. Something worth valuing.

Publication Date: 16/05/2018

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By: Andrea 30 August, 2018

En las barras de Belgrano. En la calle sucreemos yendo para Virrey Ver tiza desapareció del busto ala Gral Belgrano una parte de la corona de laureles y nunca nunca nadie la repuso y eso fue hace bastante tiempo! !!!.

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