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Your age in your hands

We use them all the time, they are exposed to UV rays all year round, also to water, cold, heat and at the very passing of time.

Health and Esthetics

How many of us take care of our hands? We use them all the time, they are exposed to UV rays all year round, also to water, cold, heat and at the very passing of time. They are the first to show  signs of  aging .  First, some wrinkles and skin tuning begin to appear. Then, about 40 years old, spots and loss of fatty tissue begin to become evident.

So... why not  start taking care of them TODAY  ! The sum of these 4 small actions can change the age of your hands:

1-  Moisturizing :  Apply hand cream, even once a day would already be a resounding and very positive change.

 2-Use sunscreen (SPF 50+):  In the morning, when we apply the facial sunscreen it does not cost us anything to extend it to the back of the hands.

 3-Nail Hygiene:  An important part of caring for your hands is to pay attention to your nails, as any infection on them would harm the entire hand. That is why you have to keep them clean and avoid removing the cuticle that prevents any microbe from entering.

 4-Wear gloves (of all kinds):  They are our barrier method. They protect us by being in contact with hot or cold water, when doing gardening or heavy work and also from the cold if we choose warm ones to spend the  winter .

Now, what can we do to  reverse the passage of time in our hands if they are already damaged ? You can improve your appearance with  cosmetic medicine treatments, minimally invasive and without surgery. The quality of the skin is improved with regenerative techniques such as  platelet rich plasma , the volume of the back of the hands can be recovered by applying  fillers  such as  Ac. Hyaluronic  to improve hydration and reposition lost volume, and we also have  laser  treatments to remove  stains  in a few sessions.

All these are painless and fast procedures that are now within your hands's reach!

Publication Date: 02/07/2018

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