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Trend alert: the best tips to plan your living room

The living room is the heart of the house and the atmosphere that brings together more functions. Therefore, several factors need to be taken into account when planning it.

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Here are some tips and suggestions to make the most of this space.

Color Options

Color is always an ally to make ambient vibes. In the case of the living room, the neutral walls combine well with the strong and strident tones that can be incorporated into objects and accessories.

To achieve relaxed spaces, we must work with a palette in the range of pastels and with neutral colors. Never include derivatives of red, as far away they are from communicating calm and tranquility.


Generally, this environment is organized on the basis of one or more armchairs arranged from a low central table. The armchairs look good if you add another type of complementary seat, such as an antique chair, armchair or puff.

The central table can be rectangular, square or round, depending in part on the space left by the armchairs. Another viable option is that it consists of a set of small tables in different formats. A group of cubes, two parallel benches or three low tables in the form of a small “L”.

It is interesting and useful to use furniture accessories, distributed so that you can support a lamp or ornaments.

Pictures, mirrors and photographs on the walls

Choose to decorate with mirrors (to expand small environments), paintings of works of art or family photographs of different sizes, to get visual warmth and make your space have personality.

Lamps, vases or vases

Correct lighting will enhance the environment and make it look warmer and special. In addition, it will be functional to be able to carry out reading activities or family gatherings. To make the space more striking, you can incorporate large vases painted in a strong colour or vases and accessories on a mouse table.

Sectorize with carpets

If your idea is that the rug divides two environments, choose to use a large one. It should be combined with the rest of the decor. Instead, if you don't need to delimit the living space, I chose a smaller carpet. Place it under the mouse table, in the center of the environment.

Source: Revista Deck

Publication Date: 30/06/2019

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