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Tips to look like a gentleman when wearing a suit.

What counts to be a real gentleman, are the details, it is not difficult to wear a suit with elegance.

Tips para parecer un gentleman al usar traje.

 The tie.  

The last wave is the triple  knot  or “heart”; the one that you arm it with two turns and looks like a triangle. It is not easy to assemble it the first time, but nothing that is not achieved with a little practice.

 A good handkerchief.  

Today, the handkerchief in the left outer pocket can not be missing. Find one that matches the tie. There are people who put it as if it were a gift bow coming out of the pocket, but the elegant thing is that it's like a stripe of color popping out. There is also the classic tip, which is achieved by assembling a triangle first, then you take both tips to the center, bend in three equal parts, and finally, from the bottom up.

 The sleeves of the shirt.  

Fundamental. No extravagant lengths. To boot, the exact length of the shirt is that it exceeds by a small millimeter that round bone protruding on the wrist. No more.

 The sack.  

She'll see a little more than an inch of fist, like you're on some twins.

As you see, what counts to be a real gentleman is the details. Not much is needed to wear a suit elegantly and not die in the attempt.

Useful tips for wearing a suit elegantly

With these tips feel a gentleman

  1. The last button on the bag should always be unfastened .
    The last button of your suit is there purely for aesthetic purposes. So leave it unfastened, always.
  2.  Unfasten the buttons on the bag when you sit.
    This is mandatory. Especially to avoid spoiling the suit.
  3. The central part of a  suit  is the jacket .
    If you can easily slide your hand between your chest and the fastened bag, it's perfect.
  4. The  bag should be  long enough to cover the pant closure .
  5.  Button your shirt to the top .
    Make sure he doesn't drown you. In case it does, it will be the perfect sign for you to know that you have to change your shirt.
  6. There should be no gap between the collar of the shirt and the suit .
    This would be a sign of a badly adjusted sack.
  7. Never choose a black suit , unless you attend a gala event.
  8. If you're wearing a dark suit , you can accompany it with a light scarf in your pocket.
    And vice versa. Just make sure it's well-ironed.
  9. The fabric used will depend on how often you wear the suit.
    I chose more durable fabrics for everyday use.
  10.  The shoulders of the suit should fit into your shoulders.
    With suits, what is really about, is the way. And the real proof of your suit rests on your shoulders.
  11.  Never wear your pants too baggy .
  12.  Tie knots should have an appropriate size .
    Size matters here too. Anything too big is discordant and too small can be ridiculous.
  13. The color of your tie has to contrast with your suit.
    If it is a suit of dark color, the tie should be a lighter shade. And vice versa.
  14. The tie lock should not be  wider than   the tie itself .
    It would be like wearing too long pants.
  15.  Avoid excess accessories .
    If you're trying to look elegant and sophisticated, let your suit speak for you. When it comes to dressing, definitely less is
  16.  more.Don't match a sports watch with your suit.
    It's not a good idea to mix different styles. We left the sporty thing for its time.
  17.  Shoes should always complement the color of your suit.
    A small mix and combination is fine, but avoid having too much color contrast.
  18.  Stockings should always cover your legs .
    Besides, they can't be white. Those keep them for when you go to the gym.
  19.  The tip of your tie should be  justbefore the belt buckle.  
    A little trial and error will give you the measure. Practice leads to perfection.
  20. The vest should also reach the belt .
    This will also help to disguise the tumour. Always as far as possible.
  21.  If you use shooters, don't wear a belt .
    The purpose of the handles is to hold the pants, like a belt. Putting both is redundant.
  22. Trouser belt should always be the same color as your shoes .
  23.  The cuffs of the shirt should not cover your hands .
    If so, you're wearing the wrong size.
  24. The   top button of a sack of two and the center button of a three-suit should always fall at the height of the navel .
  25. The bottom button of the vest should always be unfastened too.
    Same rule as for the sack, as long as we don't wear it.

With these tips bring out your gentleman interior and enjoy the benefits of elegance.

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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