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The walls talk. From you.

Bring your walls to life with these easy and creative ideas.


Now you also have many options to  decorate  the walls of your house and give them your magic touch. There are solutions that even yourself can do, with the help of a friend, and save a few good weights in professionals.

The wallpapers came back. Some even come with adhesive; just add a little water and the wall! If you are looking well, there are many reasons going around the deco houses. You also have the option to place a  mural , it is the same concept as wallpapering but with a unique image and a predetermined size. It is ideal if you want to highlight a wall without overloading.

Another idea, continuing with the paper issue, is to grab whatever is at home. With wave, of course. Maps, posters, old  photos  ,  magazine  clippings. Here, the advice is to first think about how to fix them. Out there, putting together thematic groups. It is not necessary to cover the entire wall. You can frame it and create your own  collage box.

Photos are always a good resource and also look great, applied several together, in their respective frames. Which can be all the same, or all different, depending on the wave of your home decor. A very cool and easy idea is to make a “clothesline” of photos, you just need a little soguita, a few brochecitos and  voila,   renewed  wall easily and quickly.    If it is more formal or rationalist type, play with frames all the same. Maybe the same color as the wall.

Now that green walls are fashionable, why not one at home? You can fix small pots to the wall, and fill them with indoor  plants  , of course, and hanging leaves, putting a more natural or wild wave. If plants are not your thing but you like the concept you can choose to make it artificial; there are many options so impressive that no one will notice that they are lying.

A super easy way to give an original touch to your walls and with spectacular results is to use stencils or stencils. This is the serial reproduction of drawings or patterns using a template. Lately it's super fashionable and they come in thousands of different reasons. Or if you dare, you can do it yourself. Simply choose an image you like, copy it onto a hard card, EVA, or transparent acetate and with great care and the help of a scalpel or cutter cut out the desired shape and then use it as a “mold” when painting the wall.

Decorative decals are setting a trend and are a great option if you don't want to paint or hole the wall. They come in different sizes and shapes; you have the ones that occupy the entire wall or those that are tiles. Those that are a complete picture, or just a silhouette. There is for all tastes and all environments. You simply have to stick them patiently and the help of some wooden ruler or tacito so that air balloons are not generated.

And if you do it, you can assemble figures with venetites of different colors. Or  landscapes . Or whatever you can think of, to bring a corner to life.

If you want to generate spaciousness in some environment, mirrors are your allies. You can place a traditional mirror or make designs and figures with various. There are thousands of options to unleash your creativity and revive a boring wall. The walls talk about you and they also reflect you. Literally.

Lots of ideas for talking walls. But see that they talk about only one subject: you.

Publication Date: 18/04/2018

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