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The responsibility of having a pet

Argentines have a special relationship with pets and in particular with dogs


Argentines have a special relationship with pets and particularly dogs, so incorporating them into our home and family is a decision that will fill us with joy, but it is also a lifelong responsibility. There are certain things we need to take into account in order to take care of them properly.

The first thing is to know how long it takes for the care, health and education of a dog and, consequently, whether you will have enough time to meet your needs and a correct adaptation to the new owner in which you will live. Another no less issue is that a dog, at all stages of his life, will involve an economic investment. It doesn't have to be a very big expense, but you have to take into account your visits to the veterinarian, special food, toys and recreation.

We can investigate with shelters and guards in our area if they have any dogs with the characteristics we are looking for that need a second chance. If we finally decide on a breed dog, it is important that we know that it will not necessarily have a guaranteed specific temperament. Each individual is unique, so to model temperament it is advisable to begin his education as soon as possible. And remember always to consult with a professional in canine behavior in any doubt.

Once the new member arrives in their new home, whether puppy or adult, it is important to know a few issues that will help them adapt the best way. Routine will help reduce possible anxieties and stabilize the behavior of the dog. This way you will know when your food is up and it also helps you always know when that moment comes without getting desperate, just like walking or playing moments.

An important issue is to keep the rules clear throughout your life. What is allowed as a puppy should be kept, as should what is forbidden. If you are not going to be allowed to climb into armchairs or adult beds, you should not be allowed as a child. The dog will not understand the rules if they change continuously.

It is common that puppies are allowed to sleep in our rooms and even in beds. But still cry, he has to understand that there are moments of loneliness and independence. If this is not respected then it will cost much more to understand why that habit was changed or what happened that no longer has that privilege. Besides, this will help him stay alone when we have to leave the house and we can't take him.

Finally, from month 3 to 4 of the dog's life it is essential that he knows the environment that will surround him. On that will depend your relationship with certain adult stimuli: fear, anxiety or aggression. It is important that you have good experiences with the veterinarian, children, annoying noises, other people, other animals, and everything you will relate to in your adult life.

Similarly, if our new family member is an adult dog and presents socialization problems, you can be helped by working together with professionals. We can all learn, no matter what age or experience you have lived, giving a second chance to a dog is a beautiful gesture of love.

Family commitment is key, since the rules and routines established on the first day must be respected by all members of the family group. The healthiest thing for a dog are the same rules with everyone. It is very important to have an educated dog, because it will help you a lot to understand how you should behave.

Source: Télam

Publication Date: 02/02/2019

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