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The radio theater is back

The Civil Association Juno Cultural of Plottier is encouraged to venture into the radio theater with suspense and terror with the works of The Sinister Doctor Mortis. The show will take place every Friday, at 21 hours, on Juno Cultural's YouTube channel, El Zaguán Virtual, and its Facebook. The show can also be tuned to two FM radio stations in the area: Plottier Public Radio (87.9) and community radio, La Propaladora de Neuquén (107.7).

The script, the execution and the conduction will be in charge of Fernando Barraza and the production will be musicalized by the Neuquino composer Facundo Lezcano.

The sinister Doctor Mortis

You could say that Dr. Mortis is a cult character. The sinister Doctor Mortis was created for radio theatre by writer and actor Juan Marino Cabello in 1945, in Punta Arenas. It was created specifically for Radio Ejército de Punta Arenas, but over time, it was broadcast on successive Chilean radio stations: first on radio Magallanes, and later in different radios of Santiago and Valparaíso, reaching Cauquenes. The character was so successful that, in the 60s, it was edited through the comic book and, in the 70s, it came to television. In 2011 they were republished in the form of graphic novels and comics.

But it was not only heard in Chile: in the 1970s the radial frequency also reached those living near the mountain range. Some nights, Neuquinos lit their spica to enter that world of terror. That's why it's no wonder that this nostalgic work has been revived since our Neuquén.

To promote the show, a terrifying trailer warns us: “Fear is not a zitter.” It is useful to be afraid: in short, it is related to our survival instinct. But the truth is, in times like today, being afraid of horror stories on a Friday night sounds like the most fun.

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