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The imposing santiagueño stadium, for the Copa América

Santiago del Estero has invested millions for the construction of the Estadio Único in order to promote football, entertainment and tourism.

Estadio Único de Santiago del Estero

The Argentine football world was surprised in recent days when, from the AFA, it was decided to replace the San Juan Bicentenario stadium with a new one for the next Copa America 2020, which will take place in this country and Colombia. This is the  Estadio Único de Santiago del Estero , which is built against the clock and is considered for many a wonder of architecture.

 The challenge 

The great santiagueño stadium was born several years ago, the agreement signed by the Government of that province with AFA was important. He motivated Governor Gerardo Zamora to raise the colossus for the promise of having great shows there. It is also expected that matches of the Qualifiers will be played there for the Qatar World Cup. For that, Zamora disburses a fortune that allows us to afford the Estadio Único: almost 300 million pesos.

 The project 

Enrique Lombardi devised the project in 2010 and said: “The budget is not that of Europe, but it is important for Argentina.” “There was a contest and my job was chosen,” he said. But because of the country's economic situations, the work was postponed. In March last year, bidding and award was completed and today it is in full execution.


Santiago del Estero is a province, like so many others in our country, which year after year is hit by poverty and unemployment. Faced with this situation, the society was divided in front of the millionaire project of the Estadio Único. One party believes that it is not a priority work, while another considers it to be part of a tourism and commercial strategy.

“It is a strategy that the province has to exploit with tourism. I don't know the strategy of each province, but for the north east it will be an important stadium,” said Lombardi. The Estadio Único guarantees not only football, but also the structure for other shows.


The choice of Lombardi's project as the winner of a contest was not difficult. The stadium was conceived in a building located on the north coast of the city of  Santiago del Estero , on the banks of the Dulce River. The land is surrounded by the Carretero Bridge, the Botanical Garden, and is connected to the Train to Desarrollo via a station.

The project consists of a cylindrical stadium with fully covered grandstands, whose capacity is 28 thousand seated spectators. It includes VIP sectors, restaurant spaces and a covered parking with a capacity for 400 cars.

It will be one of the most modern in Argentina. In addition, the stadium was designed with a main entrance square, a sports museum, press area and remarkable comfort in its access.

The most important thing, too, is that the design complies with  FIFA, Conmeboland AFA standards , to play there any hierarchy match.


Due to its strategic location, the Provincial Unique Stadium will be within easy reach, both from the capital city and from La Banda. Governor Zamora said in an interview that the goal is to “complete the works by June 2020.”

The Government of Santiago also reported that the strong commitment to sports infrastructure will fulfill the dream of many Santiagueños. It adds to the four already existing, where major international sporting events are held: the International Circuit of  Termas de Rio Hondo , the Olympic Natatorio, the BMX Supercross track and the 18-hole golf course in Termas.

Now the Estadio Único is not only guaranteed an international Copa America match. Every day santiagueños, more passionate about football, dream of seeing   Lionel Messi   throwing gambetas in that province.

Source:  El Diario Cba 

Publication Date: 31/01/2020

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