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The film we didn't choose

With Norma Aleandro, the Argentine Society of Actors Management (SAGAI) released a video with a message of hope.


When no one expected it, a pandemic pushed us to lock us up. From our shelters, we see the world paused. While some, the indispensable ones, continue to be active, others have to remain still, guarded. Artists are one of the hardest hit by the health crisis we are going through. Despite that, they wanted to be present and to bring an encouraging message to all Argentines. The spokesman was nothing more and nothing less than the great Norma Aleandro.

The Argentine Society of Management of Actors Interpreters (SAGAI) released a video to help raise awareness about the measures to prevent COVID-19 and the importance of the social isolation. With excerpts and quotes from different films from Argentine cinema, mixed with images of the city of Buenos Aires empty by quarantine, Aleandro's voice-over invites us to make that effort that is costing us so much.

This is not the movie we chose

This is not the film we chose, but we are all protagonists. There is an action that we need to listen to. A stay attentive to the partner, a foot you have to wait to go on stage. No, no, this isn't the movie we chose. Because our thing is to meet, the meals with the nona, the hugs with the old lady, the passionate advice, the gossip, the mate. The glances of love, also of the others. The lantern dances, the corner feasts, the things said head-on...

this isn't the movie we chose, but we're looking for a way to stay in touch. To share the autumn sun, which crosses all the windows. And that moonlight, to give the applause that is not in the halls for them and for them. No, no, this isn't the movie we chose, but there's another time when all the sets are lit up again. When we live great

stories and even minimal stories...

and that moment will come, just to that moment, when we go back on stage all together and with more dreams and more work, as on the happiest days.

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Publication Date: 04/05/2020

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