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The dream of every Argentine: the home of its own

The house we live in is the stage, nothing more and nothing less, than our own lives. Own home is one of our great dreams.


By Mariel Gomez.

Beyond deeds and real estate operations, our  own house is belonging , to feel safe, it is our refuge, like a cave in prehistory that contains, shelters and receives us kindly.

If we have the opportunity to start from scratch, the  architect  or designer can suggest us, but never impose rules. After all, he leaves and we got the TV on the wrong wall, the bed looking southeast or with spaces that on the plane looked wide but, due to an autocad error, they are tiny (the old trick of off-scale furniture). In the plane comes everything, in practice, half.

They say that  living is a special occasion , so the immaculate living room does not give, trends either, what better than surround yourself with objects (some) with history? Let us not underestimate our ability to create our spaces: no one better than us understands our needs, each one burdens with its history.

Italian architect Gae Aulenti (1927-2012) wrote: “The house is something disturbing, nothing peaceful, it is the space of introspection. It provides security, but also concern of self-examination: the architecture of existence.”

So, let's set up the best stages to carry out our works. Nothing more and nothing less than our own lives.

Publication Date: 02/01/2019

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By: Gabi 06 January, 2019

Me encantò!

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