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The city of replicas

“La ciudad de las replicas”, the documentary directed by Belina Zavadisca, shows a very particular political and social reality of Famaillá, Tucumán.


If you're looking for a Tucuman movie to watch, a very particular one is on the free CINE.ARpage. The film is called The City of Replicasand was born in the city of Famaillá. This place is known for two things: the first, its empanadas, probably the best in the country; the second, the endless and varied replicas that adorn the city.

Replicas are born, arguably, as a tribute to their stronger leaders, the Orellana twins, politicians who rule the city years ago. One is Juan Enrique and the other José Fernando.

The documentary is directed by Belina Zavadisca. It director combines three elements. The first is to portray the race and the obsession with replicas carried out by the Orellana twins. Famaillá, the National Capital of Empanada, today has a Jurassic Park, a Vatican City, a Historical Theme Park and a Religious Park. Places that imitate or rebuild the true historical sites. They're not the only ones replicas, there are also superheroes and even one of Messi.

The second element of the film are interviews with twins or twins, who are consulted on the basic questions we can to make us over them. Do you confuse people? Do your chores change? How is it? have a twin? The third is a casting run by the director for search for your own replica.

The National Capital of the Twins

The obsession or, perhaps, the idea of exploiting their condition as twins and turning it into Famaillá led them to make replicas and much more. Every year they carry out the National Twins Festival, which brings together families from all over the country. Its goal is to give the city a new title: the National Capital of the Twins.

The city of replicas is a unique, interesting and Tucuman documentary . It exposes one of the thousands of curiosities that can arise in the smallest province of the country. It can be enjoyed free of charge on the CINE.AR platform.

Publication Date: 14/02/2020

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