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Technology should not be categorized as good or bad, it is part of the contemporary world in which our children grow up.

It is common in the clinic with children for parents to ask "At what age do I buy a cell phone for my child?" That question becomes another question, when we work with teenagers, "Is my child a cell phone junkie?" We know that from a very early age, children are offered a cell phone to silence and reassure them; this is an issue that makes it difficult for the child to detect emotions or unpleasant situations so that an adult can comfort them or teach them how to relieve this tension. Technology must be categorized as good or bad, it is part of the contemporary world in which our children grow up. The issue must be addressed by families as many others in relation to parenting. Therefore, it requires limits, regulations, and care, which will vary according to each stage of life. Technology must not replace any of the forms of recreation, communication, study, human interaction; it must accompany them. We must insist on promoting play, sport, the arts, personal encounters, outdoor life, etc. While it is important for each family to think about the particular issue, some considerations to consider when regulating the use of technology may be helpful: For babies and toddlers, absolutely NOT Preschoolers: some games, age-appropriate videos, short communications with family members. Do NOT use the devices in meals. Limit night-time hours to maintain the amount of sleep needed. Stimulate family dialogue. With adolescents (perhaps it becomes more complicated, as their world revolves around technology), they continue to insist on the rules and limits of use, even though they insist on transgressing them. To make us adults aware of our permanent dependence on the use of devices.

Publication Date: 15/05/2018

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