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We need to get out of the “affectability” position if we want to live in peace


Every human being perceives life in a different way and based on it generates his opinions which are obviously linked to his personal experience. That means we're all right from an individual perspective. That is why OUR opinion always and inescapable has to do with us. Only with us, not with what we are talking about.When a person feels affected by the opinion of others is said to be susceptible, a human quality that comes from the root of victimism,  exclusive posture of the “ego mental program” where everything is perceived as an attack, as something “in against”. This mental mode does not accept what is different because it fears it, considers it at war and therefore acts so that there is nothing different from itself. And “ask” that all opinions be equal to “yours.” Susceptible victimism is a highly trained ability to feel bad for what others say, do or stop doing: the person feels hurt and affected no matter what happens immediately exposing his arguments fully valid from his point of view. And he's right... He always has it.Human susceptibility originates and maintains painful relationships where guilt is constant currency because there is no capacity to understand beyond his own point of view. That is why those who live from that mental modality will create and find one situation after another where they feel affected and hurt. Every person who gives his opinion does so from his lived experience, therefore we are all right from that perspective. Yeah, we're all right. If we could understand that susceptibility would not exist... we would be open and willing to hear different opinions without problems. Being aware of what others say—as an expression of love or heartbreak towards us—actually reveals our own lack of appreciation and courage for who we are. However, we have the possibility of deactivating the importance we attach to  others' “ideas”. We need to get out of that position of “affectionability” if we want to live in peace. Expanding our understanding makes us free and happy instantly. Abandoning the victimist stance of susceptibility is a decision where we do not need anything or anyone to change their mind.

Publication Date: 27/09/2018

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