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Shabby Chic: a style with lots of charm

This style offers an exquisite combination of furniture, textile accessories and antique objects with modern trends.


Achieving a perfect communion between distinguished and casual, its essence is to combine. Basing aesthetics on antique and nostalgic vintage elements mixed with new trends, Shabby Chic has managed to hold a great prominence these days.
It is a look that was reinvented becoming a decorative style where the environments enjoy great clarity. This is mainly due to the fact that many of the furniture are painted in white tones seeking to achieve an aged look.
The designs start from a handcrafted aesthetic in furniture and accessories, such as glass chandeliers with colourful cairels and colorful lamps with patterned shades. With white predominant in its spaces, the Shabby Chic style originated in Britain and comes from the time of the cottages in England, where feminine touches abounded by warm and soft colours.
It was customary of the time to decorate with furniture purchased in the flea market since there were no shops dedicated to the sale of new furniture. These were commissioned by artisan carpenters and most homes were decorated with furniture that was purchased in used houses for sale. They were worn by the passage of time and repainted again and again, which made them look old and worn out.
Classic and modern
Shabby means shabby and chic elegant, distinguished, that is why we say that this style is a union that updates the old and worn, making it current and elegant.
Pale tones such as pink, salmon, coral, sand, beige, wheat, ochre, mink and ash predominate, although the white color reigns par excellence along with the floral prints, creating a very particular space: romantic, cheerful and delicate.
On this return to the large English cottages it is very easy to decorate an atmosphere incorporating vintage wave furniture. It is possible to simulate the passage of time so that the different elements involved appear to have history and the worn effect gives the interiors a very interesting view.
To recreate the nostalgic look flowers, candles and feminine genders will be used in curtains, cushions and bedding. With the intention of imitating vintage furniture we resort to pickling, patinas and paintings obtaining new furniture with a worn look.
The sofas and beds are filled with large, fluffy cushions. Genres are the romantic contribution of this look. They are used in soft and delicate colors with flower prints. They are present in quilts, bedding, curtainers and pictures.
As for lighting, it is worth daring to use accessories such as pastel candles, lamps painted in pale and ajados tones, adorned with crystals and crystal cairels that give a very romantic air, with flowered fabric screens with flowering and very feminine genders.
The valorization of the ancient in this style is not contradicted with modernity, but perfectly combined. Shabby Chic gives us the possibility to mix classic and modern. It allows us to incorporate in these spaces contemporary luminaires such as leds and latest generation electronics.

Source: Revista Deck

Publication Date: 26/03/2019

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