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Retro spirit

Everything comes back and what went out of fashion is imposed again. The retro style allows you to create environments that combine practicality with extravagance and dynamism.


The term “retro” defines a trend in decoration inspired by designs from the 50s, 60s and 70s to create an exclusive and personal environment. Combine the new with the old. In this way, objects and furniture that until recently ended in flea markets, now become pieces of great value.
In this style there is nothing relaxed, on the contrary, it is noisy, bold and funny. The important thing is to get rid of inhibitions about mixing colors and shapes and, above all, pay attention to every detail.
To achieve a retro decoration it is necessary to look for colors characteristic of the epochs it covers. We can choose from a wide variety of colours. In the 1950s and 60s green and blue were used, followed closely by mustard yellow and combinations of black, white and red. However, in the 70s, they conquered shriek and bright shades such as fuchsia, orange and lime green.
Also representative of this period are prints with geometric patterns, whether on carpets, upholstery or wallpaper. These lines generate luminosity and spatial movement and are increasingly being incorporated into the houses, without taking into account the constructive style. You should not be afraid of textures. The more, the better.
Curvilinear and circular shapes are typical of the furniture to be used. The tulip tables and chairs stand out, which at the time caused a sensation for being innovative and nowadays are a classic.
The most sought-after armchair is German design from the 1960s or Scandinavian, with very defined lines and built in oak wood. To add a touch of distinction to the environment, simply include a glossy vinyl, leather or velvet pouf. Multicolor prints, chrome-plated or polypropylene stools of bold shades and plastic chairs with futuristic design are other options to consider.
There are no limits when talking about accents and accessories. Metal elements such as aluminum and plastics, acrylic and polypropylene, typical of the 1950s, stand out. Murano crystals and coloured opaline luminaires, typical of the 70s, are the protagonists.
Velvet and plush acquire great preponderance in these spaces. Long pile carpets are ideal for floor dressing. Vinyl and leather are also a distinctive resource. Characteristic in this ethyl is the combination of materials into one element, for example: leather chairs with aluminum legs.
Although retro decor is based on a mix of colors, shapes and materials, it is important to follow a pattern to ensure that all elements fit into the environment.

Source: Deck Magazine

Publication Date: 19/01/2019

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