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Put everything on, put your life!

What happens to the head of a high-performing athlete in borderline situations?

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Nothing better than the reflection of those who already toured high-performance sports experiences, in which mental pressure becomes the most important variable of influence on the performance of players.Nothing better than the story of those who experienced similar situations to analyze the emotional state in which they were find a team before such a meeting. Nothing better than Quique Hrabina's words to get closer to know how Boca is today, prior to the match of his life. - How do you see the team mentally? -What you see is that they have to have more character, just this historic Copa Libertadores final is given, a very important test where they will have to reinforce character. One has doubts, but on 24 we're going to see how they're mentally tested. It's the final, it's in River with all its audience, it's the toughest test they have to face. There should be nothing stronger in the world than this final where everything psychological is put so much to the test. What are you calling character? It's that force, that sacred fire, is to be fine at the hardest time, it's that claw to overcome you when you're more complicated. On November 24, this limit is going to live. - Have you ever experienced such a limitless situation in your career? “I had to play in Chile a rematch where he made a terrible mess with Colo Colo. We all ended up in the horn, it was historic too. At that time Chile was a hostile place: people were assaulting, police entered. Since we arrived until we left we had a very bad time, I don't know how we left because there were complaints, all caused by them. And we had to react. We couldn't stand by. - How was the team in the face of the tension lived? We were barbarian, it was one of the best teams I was lucky enough to play in. It was all armed, they made us a game, we banked it from where we could. The football team was very good, but that weather did not favor us at all. - How do you see the Boca fan? -He's the best fan in the world. He is faithful, tireless, he will always be encouraging, never rest. Feel like no one, it's the soul of the team. - A few words for the players? -Let them put everything, put your life, put all the love for this sport, the whole claw, the heart, the passion and the desire to win. You have to play everything to stay with a clear conscience.

Publication Date: 23/11/2018

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By: Lic Diego Soubiate 23 November, 2018

Felicitaciones Laura!!! Excelente testimonio!!!

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