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Prevents biting feet and hands

If you have a puppy who usually bite your hands and feet a lot, it may be that he is going through the teething period.

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If you have a puppy who usually bite your hands and feet a lot, it may be that he is going through the teething period, the stage when a puppy changes teeth.

Just as a baby wants to grab everything to know what it is, puppies bite to explore and get to know the world. It is important that if your pet bites you, you do not make sudden movements, because you can hurt him or he may think you are playing.

Anyway you can prevent your puppy from biting a lot by following these simple tips :

 FOR HANDS:  Every time your pet bites you, stop moving and paying attention and emits a sound between “ squeak  ” and “ auch  ”. Stop playing with him and get away. It is normal for dogs to play with people's hands, but we must practice this exercise with them so that they learn not to hurt us and it is a healthy game for both of us.
 FOR FEET:  If your pet bites your ankles or pulls your pants, never shake your feet to try to free yourself from their bite. That will only stimulate him more and keep biting. Stay still until I lose interest.

Invariably repeat these exercises and you will see that in a few days the behavior of your pet will change.

You can also help him with special biting toys, keep them hidden in various places in your home so you can exchange them quickly and thus teach him what can bite.

Source: Super Puppies

Publication Date: 29/06/2019

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